Drunk Grandpa Arrested In Marathon After Passing Out Next To Baby In a Stroller

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via Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Drunk gramps was down for the count.
Among the many activities best done while relatively sober, walking a baby in a stroller along US-1 would have to be fairly high on the list. Raymond Dascott learned that lesson in Marathon yesterday, when he passed out on the ground next to the stroller after telling a passerby he'd been "drinking too much."

When Sheriff's deputies arrived, they found two Keystone Ices wedged in the stroller next to the year-and-a-half old kid. Classy!

Deputies found Dascott near 25th Street and US-1 shortly after noon yesterday after someone called to report an unattended child, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

When police finally roused Dascott from his slumber, he told them he was "resting." He'd apparently walked with the child to a nearby Tom Thumb to get more beer, but then passed out before he could make it home.

Police rang up the baby's grandmother, who picked her up at the scene.

Dascott, meanwhile, faces a charge of child neglect.

Here's the full glorious photo of the Keys' most drunken grandpa, courtesy of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office:

via Monroe County Sheriff's Office
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