ESPN: Brian Daboll to Be Dolphins Next Offensive Coordinator

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Will Brian Daboll be the man to turn around the Miami Dolphins' faulty offense? According to ESPN, he's just been hired as the new offensive coordinator. He's spent two years in the same position with the Cleveland Browns, but before that spent time on the staffs of the Dolphin's two biggest rivals: the Jets and Patriots.

>Daboll served as the Pats' wide receivers coach from 2002 to 2006, before coaching quarterbacks under Eric Mangini with the Jets until 2009. He left with Mangini and became his OC with the Browns.

Though, the Browns offense this season came in 29th in total yards. Far lower than the Dolphins at 21. In fact, the Dolphins did far better than the Browns in all major team statistics this season except for rushing yards as the Browns racked up a whole three more total yards.

"To be fair, though, he maximized the Browns' underwhelming talent while making impressive progress with Colt McCoy's development," reports MSNBC.

The announcement is expected to be made official either later today or tomorrow.

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So, Miami fired a coach that had Miami's offense #30 in the NFL with points scored to hiring a guy that coached a team to #31 in points scored. Does Ross and Ireland even have any idea what they are doing? Yes the business world a higher number usually does mean better...for example..We made 31 million this year while last year we made 30 million. BUT, when in the NFL your offense ranks 30th in an area going to 31 does not mean GOOD!

Can we fire an owner? Can the fans take over a team just like investors can take over a company when the owner is an idiot? Hey Ireland GOOD JOB!

Miami is SOOO screwed!

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