"Fake Cocaine" is Now Banned in Florida

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Kids snort the darnedest things. Apparently, they've been sniffing a substance sold at specialty and head shops marketed as bath salts that mimics the effects of cocaine and LSD. Yesterday, newly elected Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi issued an emergency rule banning the substance while the legislature works to make the ban permanent by possibly adding it to a law that would also ban fake marijuana.

The bath salts are sold in half gram bottles, but are commonly understood to be used as a snorted stimulant. Bath & Body Works costumers need not worry, however, since regular old bath salts are still available.

"It makes you think you're seeing monsters and it also makes you think that you can fly and there are a lot of balconies out there," Bondi told the press.

One woman under the influence of the substance tried to chop her mom's head off after mistaking her for a monster, while another man apparently gained superhero strength and required seven police officers to subdue him.

The substance has been linked to two suicides in Louisiana, as well as numerous hospital visits and calls to poison control in Florida.

Bondi wanted to get the ban in place before Spring Break, and her rule will be in effect for 90 days. After that, it's up to the Florida Legislature to officially ban it. Plans to add it to a bill that would ban so-called synthetic marijuana are already in the works.

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I don't believe any of the scare tactics being used all over the country against the bath salts MDPV and methylone, the media has just run with rumors and each news report exaggerates the horrors of these two drugs even more than the last. Set up a Google "alert" for MDPV and just read the reports, they will make you laugh. I bought a gram of methylone and a gram of MDPV, and they're not cheap, with shipping they cost $42 a gram. I had to eat the entire gram of methylone to get a 3 hour buzz and half a gram of MDPV to get a lousy, jumpy high. These two drugs are too expensive to use to get high, you're better off buying a gram of meth or cocaine. I was not impressed. Remember the old adage: "Don't believe everything you read". Mark Montgomery NYC, NY boboberg@nyc.rr.com

Kyle Comarcho
Kyle Comarcho

this is bs mere politician advertisement how do you guy's not see this?


I'm glad to see the War on Drugs has finally expanded to become the War on Drugs and Fake Drugs. Now we can start imprisoning people just for carrying substances that look like drugs, making it much easier for law enforcement to keep their boots firmly planted on the necks of anyone they dislike.

All of you non-drug-users better educate yourselves on what every possible illegal drug looks like and make sure not to carry anything that may appear similar to the eyes of an angry police officer.

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