Florida Robbers Snort Man's Ashes Thinking They Were Cocaine

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Five teens have been arrested following a robbery in Marion County, Florida in which they allegedly stole the cremated remains of the homeowner's father and two Great Danes. The teens thought the ashes were either cocaine or heroin. This is only slightly stupider than the time Keith Richards admitted to snorting his father's remains up with actual cocaine.

The victim returned to her Silver Springs Shores homes last month to discover several items, including electronics and jewelry were missing, but most disturbing of all was the missing ashes of her father and dogs.

After investigating the matter, police found out the five suspects thought the remains were coke or heroin. They then proceeded to snort the remains. Once they realized they weren't they ditched the ashes somewhere, and police have yet to recover them.

Yeah, real bad asses, guys. Not only can you not pull off a home burglary without getting caught, but you can't even tell real drugs from human remains. Kids today are such losers they can't even be loser thugs correctly. If they end up in prison they'll probably get busted for trying to smuggle in baggies of oregano.

Waldo Soroa, 19, Matrix Andaluz, 18, Jose David Diaz Marrero, 19, and two other under-aged accomplices were arrested for the burglary and another failed break in in the same community.

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that shows that american kids nowadays NEED an education...but  really, commin from a canadian, nothing good or intelleigent I've ever see comes from amercians!  just a bunch of over indulgent, fat and lazy people


It wasn't all of them that snorted them. It was one person; David


What ya in for man? "Snortin Uncle Fred man!" Hahaha ,Now that takes the cake! There will forever be known for the "Snortin Uncle Fred" stunt,BUT,That's not all! They had to snort Great Daine ashes too!!Hahaha Now that's funny I don't care who you are! Can you Imagine someone saying"You know her husband he's the one that snorted Uncle Fred's Ashes,"Tooo funny!


congratulations new times miami the only thing more stupid than these kids snorting ashes is you guys saying the word stupider.

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