Hugo Chavez Emerges as Voice of Reason in Fight Over Carlos Andres Perez's Remains

Hugo Chavez: Voice of reason?
​We have taken our fair share of shots at Hugo Chavez over the years. But in the tug-of-war over the remains of former Venezuelan president Carlos Andres Perez, Chavez has somehow come across as a veritable voice of reason.

Yesterday Chavez pleaded for a quick resolution to the familial dispute that has kept Perez -- who Chavez tried to oust in a 1992 coup -- from resting in peace.

"Now they have informed me that sadly a lawsuit has been filed and the body, which demands a Christian grave, cannot be buried until the lawsuit is resolved," Chavez said on a trip to Brazil. "What a horrible thing, someone will have to call his daughters."

The relatively charitable comments are a bit of a surprise given Chavez's dislike for Perez. Chavez blamed CAP for the Caracazo riots that killed hundreds, perhaps thousands in 1989, and cited the deaths as a reason for his 1992 coup.

The animosity was and remains mutual. Perez's family has said they have no intention of returning the body to Venezuela as long as Chavez is in power, although it seems the burial feud is more familial than political.

While Chavez hasn't been all roses and sunshine about CAP's passing -- he said that he hoped Perez's policies "rest in peace" along side him -- the current Venezuelan prez also warmly greeted U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while in Brazil. Relations between the two countries have thawed slightly in the past week. On Monday, the State Department even indicated it would nominate a new ambassador to Venezuela. Just don't expect the two countries to be all warm and snugly like they were back when Perez was in charge.

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Your Time is Over...
Your Time is Over...

The only credible election Chavez has under his belt was in 1998, every election since that time has been rigged. Chavez has signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with Iran, nationalized electrical companies, declared government control over oil drilling projects in the Orinoco forests and in 2010, hundreds of businesses were expropiated, from cattle ranches to construction firms. His overspending on social programs has left the Venezuelan government almost broke and with the highest inflation rate in South America. Chavez has neutralized independence of the judiciary, shut down independent TV stations, curbed journalists freedom of expression, censored the internet, nationalized domestic and foreign owned banks. He has also given more direct power to the executive branch. The legislature gave him power to rule by decree for the next 18 months, free from democratic checks and balances and he controls all affairs of state. The list goes on and on...This tyrant is a Communist dictator, plain and simple, it's time for him to go, by any means necessary...!


Venezuela needs to change everything especially their dictator. People need to open their eyes and realize that they need change...


He was elected popularly twice by his own people and a vast majority. One of those elections was monitored by the Carter center. Why doesn't the US stay out of the foreign and soveriegn affairs of other nations? Any one who had the opportunity to know or live the Venezuela of the 1970's has a viable comparison to make, as opposed to today's. He has not invaded us, harmed us in any form, why is this such a concern? Don't we have myriads of issues facing us daily in our own nation that warrant immediate attention as to be concerned with other nations?

Take Him Out...!
Take Him Out...!

Hugo Chavez is the voice of a Communist dictator, he's Fidel Castro's next in line, only in Venezuela! This brutal thug is a clear and present danger to the world and the sooner he is removed(by whatever means necessary) the better off the world will be...!

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