LeBron James Tells Cleveland That "Karma is a b****" on Twitter

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It's been a while since the card-carrying members of the Miami Heat Hate Machine have had any real reason to hate LeBron James with all their might. Mostly, they've tried to twist his words into discourses of pure evil, or take a certain gesture or facial expression out of context all to shoehorn their theory that LeBron James is truly the most repugnant human person alive.

Well, fear not, Dick-Biters! For LeBron James has taken to Twitter to reclaim his role as public enemy number one. Just after his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, lost their 30th game of the season to the Lakers last night, LeBron jumped on the tweet machine and let his feelings be known:

Karma is a bitch.jpg
The bitchy karma in question refers to Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, who famously penned an open letter about James. In the letter, Gilbert called LeBron narcissistic and referred to him as the "former King" and swore that the Cavs would win a title before James (haha good one, Dan!). Gilbert also said James would take the city of Cleveland's supposed sports curse with him to Miami.
The self-declared former "King" will be taking the "curse" with him down south. And until he does "right" by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where he plays) will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma.

Just watch.

Sleep well, Cleveland.
If he was specifically talking about the Dolphins, then.... well played Mr. Gilbert. But, the fact remains the Cavaliers have won a whopping eight games this season (that's one less win than the Heat have total losses). And the've been wallowing at the bottom of the NBA barrel for the entire season.

Of course, people have nearly broken twitter with their outrage over this. And we can see how the tweet is a tad irritating. Besides, the Lakers beating the Cavs had more to do with how shitty the Cavs are and less to do with Karma and God (the whole existence of this ongoing Celtics-Lakers rivalry is actually an excellent argument against the existence of a deity, or any form of order and justice in the Universe).

But at this point, LeBron might as well say fuck it and just be honest on twitter anyway. The guy could rescue a litter of kittens from a burning building and he'd still be vilified by his critics ("sure he saved those kittens at the risk of his own personal safety... but he completely neglected the gold fish. HE'S SO HEINOUS!")

We say give us more of these tweets, LeBron. The Cavs suck ass and you love it? Let it be known. Think Mark Cuban is an insufferable dicknosed asshole? Tweet away!

As for Cleveland, the sports curse looks to still be alive and well (we mean, 8 wins? C'mon!). The Heat, meanwhile, are on the verge of tying the all-time consecutive road wins record.

Cleveland and Dan Gilbert do have the golden voiced hobo. So, they got that going for them.

Sleep well, Dick-Biters.

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The people of Miami had nothing to do with LeBron being here; but he is. We will love him and feed him and keep him as our own until he moves on. Then we will talk about what an ungrateful child he was. But, for the time being, he belongs to us. He also needs to learn about Karma, because it looks like that comment bit him in the ass.Kids! They never listen!


Chris Joseph, you my friend, are a complete and total loser. Lebron may be revered by you, but your alleged fans don't seem to care as much. If they did they would show up to watch him play. Fan up Miami! I can't think of a less deserving sports town. Also, I find it interesting that you believe the rest of America's sports fans are wrong about Lebron James and are assassinating his character because it's so much fun. Here's to being a lowly blogger the rest of your life.


Ok, so you admit that Miami is on Lebitches nutsack, thats all I was saying.

Thank you.


Its actually the city of Miami who are dick biters, if there is such a term (Dick-Rider would be better). If you all want to take him in as your son and give him the key to the city like he's been your dude since Highschool, who's being fake, would you love him so much if he played for NY? Of course not, you would hate on him too, but he's in Miami now and I guess people like you have to do what we cleveland fans had to do for years, look past all his childish, egotistical behavior and blame evrything on the haters. But the hate is done, cleveland has moved on, maybe you and LeBitch should give it a try.

dick B iter
dick B iter

Saying karma is a bitch is wishing bad things for someone else, or at the very least, rejoicing when bad happens. Therefore, by LeBron's own reasoning, the bad shit is coming his way.

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