Marco Rubio Doesn't Want to Be VP; Jeb Bush Hints at His Own 2016 Run

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In today's round up of the federal executive branch aspirations of Florida Republicans: Marco Rubio says he wouldn't accept an offer to be the GOP's vice presidential candidate in 2012. Meanwhile, his mentor Jeb Bush yet again denied he'd mount a presidential bid in 2012, but leaves the door open for a possible 2016 run. Maybe that's just a coincidence, or maybe both Rubio and Bush aren't hopeful about the chances of any Republican beating Obama.

Rumors, or in most case the blind hope of his biggest boosters, of Marco Rubio running for higher office have been around even before he won the senate race, but Rubio decided to put any 2012 rumors to rest. A Panama City radio host asked Rubio point blank if he'd being open to being the Veep candidate in 2012.

"No, I'm not. And I'll tell you why I'm not," Rubio replied. "To be the senator from Florida is a big job. In addition to the votes you take in Washington of national importance, our state has a multitude of issues. I mean, it will soon be the third largest state in the country and perhaps the most complex in the country in terms of the set of issues it faces. In order to do that job, and do it well, you've got have to have 100 percent focus on it. You don't have time to sit around and daydream ... I want to be a U.S. Senator because I believe I can make a difference from that position. ... It's flattering sometimes, but that's about it."

As for Jeb Bush, the guy has already made a career out of denying he wants to run for President but apparently anytime he says anything to the effect it's big, big news. Last week he told a reporter he wasn't going to run in 2012, but when asked about 2016 he said, "never say never."

So, who knows? Liberal website Salon takes this as evidence that Bush thinks Obama will be re-elected in 2012. Of course, he's already on the record saying as much.

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Had no problem with Rubio, UNTIL I knew that he worked with Roy Blunt on the Blunt Amendment, so that does it for me.  I am so disgusted with the extreme right wing religious zealots who are setting the womens movement back 50 years!  We don't have enough problems to solve in this country without worrying about religion, sex and colonizing the moon????? about the Mormon religion if you want to be so pious...Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints...if you believe in Jesus Christ, you ARE a Christian!!!! 

J Carney
J Carney

Fred, Clinton had a easy Presidency, no one attacked the country. There was no was, or crises. But boy did they put the wheels on to destroy the Nation by allowing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to loan money to every Larry, Mo and Joe to get a home loan.Bush tried to get regulation , McCAin & Kyl Led 26 other Senators to try to get it recognized, on he floor of Congress, under the over looked defaults(loan amount going UP up UP) that were coming...going to destroy the First time homeowners to be able to keep there homes, and THE DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED SENATE (and Controlling F&F) Barney Franks and his Employment Agency Freddie & Fannie running it into the ground Ground ! And they borrowed money out of SS to "balance" the budget. Tell anyone over 55 that Clinton stole there Retirement fund, because he did.And the Democrats are LARGELY at fault for ruining the Housing Market which most likely was on purpose , so we can become a Progressive Social Nation.Do some research online, The Housing market was what crumbled the Nation. Then look up articles like Reinvestment Act and Articles about the Housing Market Crash. It's readily available. I did a massive amount of research and it is shocking that they (the Progressive Dem's) are so happy to destroy American Lives.

J Carney
J Carney

I think Jeb should run. And I think he should take on Hermann Cain as his VP. And get this country back to work ! Obama JUST appoints Immelt a HUGE PROGRESSIVE WHO HAS DRAINED a get the Country back on its feet ! ha ! he hasn't even gotten GE on its feet there stock is down, down, down.......


That all makes sense. Bush will wait until we get out of the mess that his brother put us in. It took 8 years for the Democrats under Clinton to give this country a surplus, then it took 8 years for the Republicans and Bush to spend the surplus, plus leave the country in a financial mess. It'll take 8 years for the Democrats to get it back together again, so, with this cycle of insanity, the Bushes will take over again. They know how to scam an election, so that won't be a problem. Of course, why would a Bush want to be president in 2012, when the country is broke? They will wait until the money is flowing again right into their pockets.

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

Many Republicans want to consider amending or is repealing the 14th amendment to make sure anchor babies do not get citizenship. I wonder whether some Republicans silently resent him. Marco rubio

Will the Birthers Scrutinize Marco Rubio's U.S. Citizenship?

no more bushit

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