Maria Menounos' Miami Beach Bikini Bottom Malfunction Births Horrible New Term: "Lip Slip"

via TMRZoo
Rarely are we here at New Times, a publication not exactly known for its prudence and modesty, aghast at the hi-jinks of the tabloid media. But unflattering beach shots of Access Hollywood co-host (ironically a member of the tabloid media herself) Maria Menounos have caused a new term to join the likes of nip slip, shaft gaffe, and cheek peek: The lip slip. No, that doesn't mean her hand was trembling when she put on her lipstick.

The paparazzi caught Menounos on Miami Beach this weekend strutting her stuff in a little black bikini. She gamely hammed it up for the cameras by prancing around in the surf and playing a game of catch.

Unfortunately for her, the bottom of her bikini shifted exposing a little bit of not-meant-to-be-seen anatomy.

"Beach football today w/@MichaelChiklis...paparazzi had some fun! Hope the bikini shots are flattering! Scared!" Menounos tweeted.

Then when a follower let it slip that she had, uh, let something slip she reacted with horror.

"no??!!!! Where did u see? Pls tell me ur joking."

Tabloids, including Daily Newsand Daily Mail, jumped on it, and some website, TMRZoo, has coined the term "lip slip," which is horrifying. "Lip slip." Oh dear God, it sound horrible. I guess it's better than "vag wag," "muff flub" or "cooter blooper." Sorry.

Let us burn these phrases and promise never to use them again.

As for Menounos, she spent the rest of her weekend in Miami cheering on the Patriots, so it's hard for us to have sympathy. She does have a new book coming out, so the publicity probably won't hurt.

In related news, here is perfect human being Chloe Sevigny in a bikini on Miami Beach.

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Okay, I can't continue the charade any longer... these are the greatest pictures ever taken and the photographer should be given an award and possibly some sort of medal too. Holy mackeral, this is the greatest day on the internet ever, thank you, thank you, thank you! I have to go now, it's hard to type with one hand!


Much ado about nothing (unless you're 12)... It's sad that she should be made a spectacle over this. Even sadder that the conservative ideology in this country cannot handle the sight of a beautiful woman's "naughty-parts" without acting like children.

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