Miami Lingerie Football Player Ashley Helmstetter Strips for Playboy

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With a 2-2 record, the Lingerie Football League's Miami Caliente weren't only technically the most successful pro football team in South Florida this year, they also were the sexiest. Of course, that's half the point of the Lingerie Football League, and it was only really a mater of time before some of the players wound up in the American authority of lady sexiness known as Playboy. Caliente player Ashley Helmstetter and nine other players from across the league appear in the lad mag's February issue, and we've got pics.

You'll have to hit up the news stands for the, uh, full effect, but Playboy sent us these preview images to get you primed.

Helmstetter played dual roles for the Caliente this season as a tight end and defensive linewoman and managed to rack up seven solo tackles in her four games playing defense.

You might remember that other members of the Caliente got in trouble for posing on the cover of New Times with too many clothes on, but apparently appearing in no clothing at all is just fine.

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that's it girls, when you have no talent or skills, pull those panties down and spread your legs for a few bucks and the world to see. how exciting.

Dallas Starr
Dallas Starr

i think she is beautiful inside and out as are all the LFL players

Dallas Starr
Dallas Starr

i think she is a beautiful person inside and outso are all the other lfl players

B Fultz
B Fultz

Hurry up and get mine in the mail !

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