Miami Named Third Worst Job Market in the Country by Forbes

It's not a particularly great time to be unemployed in America right now, a fact far too many of us know first hand, and if you're looking for a job in South Florida things aren't looking too good. has ranked Miami as the third worst job market in the country. Though, the site cites analysis that say Miami is ready for a big job comeback. Unfortunately, many of those jobs won't be of the highest caliber.
Worst, No. 3: Miami, Fla.

Unemployment rate: 12.1%
Job-seekers per opening: 9.16
The real estate bust knocked Miami to its knees, and the region is still on the mend economically. But trade, tourism and Miami's ties with Latin America could bring a swift reversal of fortune. "Miami's recovery will be among the fastest in the nation," housing issues notwithstanding, says a recent analysis by Moody's Many jobs will be low-paying service-sector positions, however.
Ouch, that's almost 10 people for every job opening. So if you just got hired, whether it be some sweet six figure job or just part-time at the Gap, consider yourself lucky.

So, basically you might have better chances at employment anywhere in the country. Just don't move to Riverside, California, or Las Vegas, Nevada. Those are the only markets with dimmer job prospects. Washington, D.C. is apparently the place to relocate. That city was ranked as having the best job market.

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Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

not if your cuban you always got your family connections


I have to say this, Forbes is actually wrong. Miami is the best market in the entire state of Florida and Georgia. Why? I was laid off from a tampa firm in 2008. After spending 2009 looking for work with not takers, I decided top apply at other places starting in 2010, I went to Orlando, Jacksonville, Savannah and Atlanta. After not even receiving an interview, I decided to try out Stuart and Naples and did not get anywhere.

I decided to send my resume to firms in the tri county area that I found on the Chamber's website. Guess what, I interviewed and got the offer from four different firms and only one of them was in Broward while the rest were in downtown Miami.

Forbes you suck and just lied to people.

Ron Jeanniton
Ron Jeanniton

"So, basically you might have better chances at employement anywhere in the country." Yeah, you missed employment too. I am not trying to be difficult, just trying to help out.

Ron Jeanniton
Ron Jeanniton

Yeah you gotta correct the title. Country not County.


Now why in the world would you come in and start talking thrash? I posted a real life experience and here you go with this crap. Either you are unemployed and therefore I cannot be insulting towards you. Or, you are trying to be rude. Which is it? As you can tell (or not) I am trying real hard to not be rude to you. Unfortunately you fucked with the wrong person.


"Now why in the world would you come in and start talking thrash?"

Probably because you tried to counter statistics with anecdotal evidence?

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