Mugshots Friday: Hair Curlers, Hemorrhoid Heads, and Dad-O-Vision

Categories: Flotsam
We now return to our regular non-holiday programming. To ensure that no deserving booking photo gets ignored, we are going back three weeks just this time and bringing you a veritable short bus chock full of glorious dysfunction.

Arrested: 12/14
Charged with: Assault
Talk about trouble. If Miami were a woman, this is what she would look like.

Arrested: 12/25
Charged with: Battery
Ah, the elusive Emo-farian: The Sasquatch of mugshots.

Arrested: 01/03
Charged with: Battery
The worst part about the clink: They took away his overalls and separated him fron Luigi.

Arrested: 12/29
Charged with: Carrying a concealed weapon, grand theft
We should never be on a jury because we would immediately vote to convict any defendant with this haircut. We posit that no decent human being-- besides maybe some bassist in a teenage bachata band whose record label made him do it-- has ever gone for the shoulder-length ornate cornrows look.

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