Parody of "What Should I Do?" Ad Reminds Us Brett Favre is So Much Worse Than LeBron James

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Listen, we can admit that LeBron James has something of a bit of a public relations and ego problem, but all the guy ever did was switch teams. To claim he's the most deplorable athlete in America is sort of a stretch considering there's guys like Tiger Woods and Brett Favre running around.

Sure, this web parody of LeBron's much discussed "Rise" aka the "What Should I Do?" Nike ad featuring a Brett Favre look-a-like is a little late to the game. South Park and Cleveland fans have already been there, done that, but this might our favorite.

Come on? After watching this is there any question that Favre is more hate-worthy than James? Plus, James probably wouldn't need to Google pics of "big dick" for sexting purposes.

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Yea, we should hate Favre based on an accusation that is continually portrayed as fact over 2 years after the "incident", guilty until proven we sit here and decide who's worth hating more between a guy who "made" an NBA franchise & a guy who "made" an NFL franchise who they are today...and left. If you're looking for someone to hate, start in the mirror. I'm quite sure the skeletons in your closet over the last two decades are more substantial than indecision & text messages.

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