Pornography Posted on Walls of South Beach Elementary School Causes Stir

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Students at South Pointe Elementary School in South Beach today were almost greeted by some pretty inappropriate hardcore pornography this morning. Several XXX photos were found placed inside display cases on the first and second floor of the school, and officials had to re-route students so they didn't catch a glimpse.

True. Kids growing up in South Beach might end up seeing a little more than mom and dad would like on a trip to the neighborhood beach, but the fact someone apparently entered the school with the intention to display pornography to children is deeply disturbing.

WSVN reports that police are searching for the culprit, and that the staff had to divert students from the main entrance of the school while they worked to remove the images. It sounds like the inappropriate installation may have been harder to remove than just some magazine pages scotch taped on a wall.

Update: NBCMiami reports that parts of the school were also egged, and that magazine pages were also plastered not only in display cases but on walls. 

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I'm dumbfounded that an alternate route to walk to class was set-up faster than the photos could be removed.


It's only funny as a senior prank or something like that. But to place the pictures in an elementary school shows total lack of respect for...everything.


Right? That seemed a bit weird. How long does it take to remove photos?

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