Puppies R Love: Readers Share Their Horror Stories From The Puppy Mill

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Gia, Gisela Sonera's gravely ill Shih Tzu puppy.
We received a ton of reaction to last week's story on Puppies R Love, the Miami pet shop which has been repeatedly sued for selling sick and dying pups. Something about this one line from reader Jennifer Nunez forced a sad groan out of us:
hey i would just like to yo email you concerning puppies r love i hope you can make it know the cruelty of this place its horrible r.i.p snoopy

She later explained that her puppy, newly-bought from Puppies R Love, was "constantly vomiting and had extreme diarrhea". She paid $2,000 in vet bills trying to save Snoopy--"those people (Puppies R Love) would not help me"-- but he died anyway.

Gisela Sonera also wrote in to give us a detailed account of her costly misadventures with a very sick Shih Tzu she purchased last month:

I saw a "Puppies R Love" announcement on Miami Herald and bought a Shih Tzu puppy on 12/01/10. The next day I noticed that the puppy was sneezing and having respiratory problems so I decided to take herback to the store. They said that it was a small cough due to the change of wheatear so they put her into a machine for 30 min. I took her back home and as the days pass by I noticed that the problem got worse and more frequent. I wanted a second opinion and took her to a vet.

People who sell sick puppies: Worse than tobacco executives?
The vet suggested blood test and chest radiology to make sure lungs were ok. After an estimate of $454, I decided to go back to the store this same day 12/7/10. I told the store that the puppy was sick and that I wanted my money back $640 but this did not work. They charged me $100 for the puppy to receive treatment and medication. I was told that the puppy will be given back completely healthy. They kept the puppy for a week. When I picked her up 12/14/10 they gave me a document which diagnosed the puppy with kennel cough, mild bronchitis and coccidia.

They finally said that she was on the road for recovery. To the date the puppy still has the same symptoms, she was no sign of recovery and needs to continue treatment. I took her again to the Vet and they believe it's not kennel cough. I still need to make the tests to make sure which is really her health problem.

I have spent a lot of money and it has been a horrible experience. It's too bad I didn't search the place online before. After looking at all the negative feedback I'm in complete shock. At the end I find myself with a sick puppy.

An addendum a few days later:

The final story is that I tried selling it and since nobody will buy a sick pupy I found myself giving it away to someone that will take better care... It was a complete loss.

There was some encouraging news. Betty White, one of the activists who led a campaign against Puppies R Loves' sister store in Hallandale Beach, said they were turning their attention to the Miami store. You can reach her here.

Moral of the story: Adopt from the Humane Society.

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Wow!  I am experiencing this same problem right now with a Yorkie.  Does any know why this company is still allowed to stay open?


if you must have a pure breed you get them from a breeder.


As long as people continue to confuse LIVE-CAPABLE OF FEELING-ANIMALS with handbags or stuff that does not work, we'll continue to read articles like this. What was this lady thinking of? Dog does not perform or looks cute (as in the picture) then I don't want it? Helloooooooo! The woman really has her bearings a bit off.M. C. Bal Harbour


Well, very well said Cristy. Completely agree your views.

Cristy M.
Cristy M.

It continues to baffle me as to why people who want pets seem to require they be "new" dogs or puppies "purchased" from pet "shops." There are literally tens of thousands of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and other domestic pets available for adoption at any number of shelters or rescues in and around the South Florida area. Besides my belief that there is no inherent quality to owning or parenting a "full breed" or AKC certified full-blooded breed dog outside of showing them at kennel clubs or for ribbon-winnings, I cannot with any faith condone the practice of purchasing dogs bred solely for the purpose of garnering profits to people who are not pet specialists or even concerned with the welfare of pets. I am particularly disenheartened by the lack of information that people (prospective pet owners) have about the state of puppies purchased through pet shops and "puppy mills." Before I adopted my dog (through the Miami Animal Shelter), I did research on not only the dogs that were at the shelter, but on pet ownership, shelter adoptions, potential vets, breed statistics, and local area rescues. I want to stress that I'm not a veterinary professional and I don't have any exclusive access to pet information. I used the Internet. It's free. It's available to everyone. A quick Google search will turn up lots of worthwhile results. I'm not saying that adopting a shelter dog, particularly an older one (adult) guarantees a hassle-free experience, but I haven't heard ONE complaint about the quality of the pet that's been rescued or adopted. Moreover, a life has been saved. There are plenty of breed-specific rescues out there, too. If you simply MUST HAVE a chihuahua tea-cup sized, you can find one from a rescue or from a person whose own dog has had a puppy (my mom did so). An animal-active friend of mine adopts pure-bred poodle puppies from a rescue and she has connections to similar organizations outside of the state as well. Besides saving you tons of money on the purchase price of these dogs, you get so much more.

I am so sorry for these dogs and I hope that anyone who reads and hears of these and similar stories gets a kick-start to do something about it. Advocate for adoption. Advocate for pet-ownership to enrich your life and the lives of others rather than for the status symbol of owning an accessory pet. Join the ASPCA, if you can. Follow Miami Animal Services on Facebook. Whatever it takes.


Very well said, all of the above! ADOPT DON'T SHOP!! Saving a life of a terrified animal and getting it out of MDAS will make you feel so good and the animal will love you even more! Pet shops and people who do not spay/neuter their animals ARE perpetuating the numbers of animals that end up in shelters and are killed there.


Amen. I could not have said it better.

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