Rick Scott Ends Twitter Town Hall As Soon As He's Called a "Jackass"

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Our new gov's evening smoke and tweet session ended on a sour note.
Yesterday, Rick Scott fired up the ol' Interwebs and announced his first inaugural "Twitter Town Hall." Surprise, surprise! He's just as evasive 140 characters at a time as he is in real time.

Even still, the event was going just fine for the fledgling governor until one Tweeter called him a "jackass."

That's when The Unblinking One abruptly signed off.

The insult arrived on the tail end of a discussion of job creation. He promised private sector jobs and said he had already talked to "a lot" of CEOs to that effect. But when Sandtrooper320 asked, "How do you reconcile putting job creation first against your plan to eliminate 5% of state employee positions?" Scott answered that his "focus is making this the no. 1 state for private sector jobs."

A few minutes later, PrettyTwister wrote: "So what, are you gunna fire everyone and hire Walmart employees? Yeah, thats great... you jackass."

Scott immediately signed-off, thanking everyone for their tweets.

Was the governor irked that his Norton Anti-Confrontation software had somehow let him down? Was he angry that after roughly nine months of dodging uncomfortable questions about his company's massive Medicare fraud indictment, the good people of Florida were still wondering if they had elected a snake oil salesman?

Or was it simply the end of the planned 30-minute Tweetathon?

I guess we'll just have to wait until the next Twitter Town Hall to see if he always signs off when insulted.

Scott was characteristically noncommittal during the half hour before the diss. When asked if iPads for students was an example of excess spending, he responded with the platitude: "We need to make sure kids have technology, but not waste dollars."

He also sidestepped a question about whose input he would rely on when deciding whether or not to support a proposed $2.4 billion Tampa-Orlando high-speed rail project.

For the record, Alex Sink hasn't tweeted since December 22.

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The Game
The Game

lol. Rick Scott = trolled.


Did anyone really expect that this man would openly and honestly answer questions without rhetoric and avoidance of the issues? When the media confronts him, he just disappears, when asked how he is going to carry out some of his ideas, he has no real anwers...haven't worked out all of the details yet,,,right? Details, like how all of those children are going to get to the schools of their choice across town, are the public school systems going to foot that transportation cost-the same public school systems who are now being fined for non-compliance with the class size requirement because they can't afford to comply???. And, where are all of those wonderful Christian, married couple families to adopt all of those available children who have been stuck in the foster care system for one, two, three, etc, etc .years? How come they haven't come forward and grabbed up those children? Dear Gov. Scott, or are we required to address you as "Your Magesty", we need real answers and plans, not more campaign promises.


Floridians should be PROUD having just elected the King of Medicare Fraud as its new governor. A scumbag of the first order. What did you expect, a transparent governor?


I agree with you I miss Chist as well. He did everything he could to help Floridian. He took stimulate money that help Floridian and as a gentleman he imbrace President Obama when he came to Florida with a big federal check which we needed. The tea bagger had a crazy fit when he imbrace the President and thank him for the money. What do those unemployed tea bagger who live in trailers in central and northern florida think about Gov Scott not taking federal money to build a high speed rail. That would be good paying jobs for years. Now those tea bagger can sit and watch Fox's news all day because they can't find a job. Laying rail track you do not need a colledge degree and this is just perfect for most tea bagger because most do not have any degree. High School, Batchlor, Graduated. PHD. They get their education from FOXs news.

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