Steve Berke, Comedian and Reality Show Contestant, Runs for Miami Beach Mayor

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If you've been withholding your support for Miami Beach Mayor Matti Herrera Bower for all these years because you suspect she doesn't shoot nearly enough tequila and wavers in her commitment to fight aliens, don't worry: There's now a candidate for you.

Steve Berke, a stand-up comedian and former reality show contestant, is running for the job. In a series of YouTube clips, he chugs liquor, advocates marijuana legalization and pledges to save American Airlines Arena from extraterrestrial invaders.

Berke officially announced his candidacy last night at the Catalina Hotel and uploaded his campaign clips earlier this week.

In the first, he downs a few shots of liquor while spelling out his campaign promises: legalizing marijuana, bringing a casino to South Beach and keeping clubs open late. "If you don't want your taxes as high as my blood alcohol level right now, come join our party," he says at the end.

In another, he watches aliens blow up American Airlines Arena and then pledges to rebuild it by hand. "I love Miami Beach," he says. "I'd fight aliens for my city." (Ummm, the Arena is in Miami, Steve, but point taken.)

As of this morning, Berke hasn't filed to officially join the mayor's race yet, Miami Beach Clerk Robert Parcher tells Riptide.

Yeah, there's a decent chance this campaign is a big publicity stunt for a guy who hasn't gotten too much national attention since bowing out of Fox's The Rebel Billionaire, a Richard Branson-hosted reality show back in 2004.

But he does have some legit academic credentials: He graduated from Yale! (What's that? Our last big Yalie politician didn't exactly pan out so well? Touche, Wikipedia.)

Here are the clips:

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Regular reader
Regular reader

I think this is an awesome PR stunt! By the way, if MB has to contribute money to county public works projects like the arena then we might as well consider it a piece of MB, too. Do your research before making throw-away comments please!!!

Tim Elfrink
Tim Elfrink

Sorry, Regular Reader. Taxes or not, the arena ain't in Miami Beach -- no matter how many times LeBron says he's taking his talents to South Beach.That said, Riptide is staunchly in favor of fighting extraterrestrials.

Irregular Breeder
Irregular Breeder

This guy is HILARIOUS! I would pay to watch a camera crew follow him around during the campaign. Can you imagine what kind of K-K-K-KRAZY stuff he's going to do!?!

PS I think he's the moosh pillow guy. I remember the soul patch

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