What Does Charlie Crist Do Now?

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Former-Governor Charlie Crist
This morning was the first morning in four years when Floridians woke up to someone other than Charlie Crist as our governor. Florida's favorite flip-flopper passed up what would likely be an easy re-election for his doomed independent senate bid, and now he's out of a job, out of a party, and out of office. So what does the once-rising political star do now? Go back to school apparently.

There was a lot of speculation as to what Crist would do once he left office. An appointment in the Obama administration? A possible recurring gig commenting for one of the cable news channels? The time honored tradition of lobbying? A sponsorship deal with a tanning salon?

Nope, apparently those things won't come to pass. Instead, Crist is returning to law practice and will possibly become a part-time lecturer at Stetson University College of Law. It's not a done deal yet, but Crist mentioned the possibility in an interview yesterday with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, and Stetson released a press release noting their likely new hire.

Unlike the school's main campus in DeLand, Stetson's law school is located in Crist's home-base of Tampa Bay.

So, yeah, a return to private practice and a job teaching kids: that's a pretty low key after-life for a man who was once one of the more high-profile governors in the country.

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uuummm go back to cruising the gay bars. He was missed. hehehehe no he wasnt'

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