Air Pollution Triggers More Heart Attacks Than Cocaine

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Quick, what causes more heart attacks: cocaine or air pollution? It's actually air pollution, which triggers roughly five to seven percent of all heart attacks. Whereas cocaine is responsible for only 0.9 percent of all heart attacks. Of course, cocaine is much more dangerous on a personal level. Yet, studies like this make us wonder why we spend so much effort on the war on drugs, when environmental efforts like cleaning up air pollution remain such contentious issues.

The study, conducted by Tim Nawrot of Hasselt University in Belgium and published in the journal The Lancet, set out to find the major culprits of heart attacks on a population-wide level.

The study found that culprits like exposure to traffic, physical exertion, alcohol, coffee, and air pollution caused the most heart attacks. Things like anger, sex, cocaine use, smoking marijuana, and respiratory infections were responsible for fewer attacks.

Remember, though, that many more people are exposed to things like traffic and air pollution than cocaine. On a personal level, you have a bigger risk of getting a heart attack due to drug abuse than say, sitting in traffic on a smog-filled highway. Though, more people end up being exposed to pollution than cocaine.

The World Health Organization estimates that air pollution leads to about 2 million deaths worldwide each year.

While almost all politicians seem to step in line with the war on drugs, it makes you wonder why fewer can agree on ways to limit factors that cause air pollution, considering it's a greater threat to the health of far more citizen.

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I feel a tax and control speech coming on. You report this with no skepticism or without any other source. Is there not another side of the story? Is this study an Al Gore like end debate fact? Seems to me it's the same old alarmists putting out the same old "news" wrapped in new packaging.

I seem to remember in the 80's some scientists and the media told us we were going to all be swimming in our own trash due to overfilling landfills. I don't see that on the cover of Time Magazine anymore. In fact I haven't seen that story floated again the past 20 years.

Sting and whole bunch and scientists said in the 80's we were not going to be breathing by the turn of the century if we didn't save the Brazilian rain forests.

Well, I'm still breathing and the Brazilians are being lauded for solving their energy problems by clear cutting the rain forests to grow sugar cane used in the production of ethanol.

By the way, how much money does the WHO want?

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