Al Golden is a Lot Better at Smooth Talking Recruits' Moms Than Will Muschamp

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Last Friday, touted quarterback Jacoby Brissett made a somewhat head scratching decision to sign with the Florida Gators over the Miami Hurricanes, and his mother is not happy about it. Both schools have new coaches, but apparently Al Golden has his mother-wooing game on lock, while Will Muschamp needs to brush up in the mother relations department. Brissett's decision also left the 'Canes without a Quarterback in the class, but a few transfers have Miami on their list.

Brissett extended his announcement past national signing day, and Golden purposefully left a spot open for him. He made his announcement at a high school basketball game and chose the Gators despite the fact the team had already recruited the top quarterback prospect in the class. Even his mother was surprised and was only told by text.

"Not my choice," mother Ellicia Brown told The Gainesville Sun. "I'm very disappointed. I didn't like the way Florida handled the process. I've never been able to meet the head coach. ... I've never met (Will Muschamp) face-to-face and I find that very disrespectful and I'm just hurt with the whole process with the Gators. I was hoping that he would respect me and go to 'The U' because 'The U' showed respect to his mom."

As for Golden, she told the press that he was "Very genuine ... I believe he's out to build a program and bring it back to where it should be, and I respect him for that."

As for the 'Canes quarterbacking prospects as of right now, they'll only have Stephen Morris on the roster in 2012, but a couple of transfers are interested in playing for Miami. Former Rutgers QB Tom Savage and former Michigan QB Tate Forcier are both transferring and both have Miami high on their lists of potential landing spots.

If not, ESPN's Heather Dinich reminds fans that Miami would be a tempting spot for the elite quarterbacks of the 2012 class.

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wow!you guys are sad, Golden came in and in 6 weeks got a pretty good class since he only had 18 scholarships to use and the Rutgers QB (the top recruit in the country a few years ago)wants to transfer to play for Golden that leaves only 1 precious scholly left. Brisset was wooed by his friends from his high school not by Weiss. And I agree with his mom, it was a huge mistake because he may never see the field as a QB and he will never play hoops at UF. BTW, Dorsey is in the NFL and so is Kyle Wright.NFL Draft records Most first round selections (single draft): 6, 2004[5]Most consecutive years with first round draftee: 14, 1995–2008Did you not see Sam Shield in the superbowl? after Tebow and Grossman what does UF offer a QB in the NFL? Florida had a good 3 years riding the Tebow train, it's over and last year their record showed it.


I'm sure Al can convince former Temple QB starter Chester Stewart to transfer, just like he convinced Temple recruit Olsen-Pierre to de-commit from the Owls and sign.


Clearly a homer blog, but what's so headscratching about his decision? At the end of the day, Golden era bla bla but the truth of the matter is the University of Miami has not developed a decent quarterback in the past decade. Charlie Weis won Jacoby over, Muschamp sat this one out sin pena.



First, the mom still referered to Miami as The U, so I think she has some screws loose in the head. It's no wonder Jacoby texted her.


Gayturd!!! Funny how fans from a school who looks for reasons to take us off the schedule...and has won only one game vs. us since the 80's talk so much and are so interested in what the U is doing. Hope UGA takes you phukin gators behind the woodshed next year and we WILL do the same to you pu$$' in 13'. Sorry a$$es!!!

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