Burn Notice Star Jeffrey Donovan Convicted of Reckless Driving

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Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan has pleaded guilty to reckless driving and will avoid DUI charges stemming from an incident in which he almost hit a police car on Miami Beach in 2009, reports TMZ. The deal with prosecutors will ensure that the actor doesn't face any jail time. 

On the night July 12, 2009 a Miami-Dade police cruiser was sitting at a red light on 23rd street and Pine Tree Drive when a black 2009 Audi came up screeching behind him. The car was driven by Donovan, and he had to swerve in order to avoid hitting the cop car.

In the police report, the officer noted that Donovan had watery and bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. He failed a roadside sobriety test. 

Though Donovan claimed he had only had three glasses of wine at the Fontainebleau and a Benedryl. 

"I really think I'm only border line and not too dunk," he told the officer "The only mistake I made tonight was drinking Benadryl with three glasses of wine."

Ah, that Benadryl will knock you out and F you up every time. 

TMZ reports that Donovan has pleaded to reckless driving and will spend 6 months on probation and pay more than $1000 in fines and charges.

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Burn Notice Fanatic
Burn Notice Fanatic

@linda...I've been keeping up with reruns on the local station...Check yours to see if its on - Wednesdays @ 8-9PM


dont care if its bottles or glasses. when is burn notice coming back to tv. not even reruns are on. did they forget us.


*rolls eyes*

i guess "get out of jail free" cards really do exist ...

Copy Editor You Don't Have
Copy Editor You Don't Have

Bottles, Kyle? Read the police report. Three glasses are not three bottles. Not to mention your usual stellar job of proofreading: "has plead"?


I'm confused - three GLASSES of wine or three BOTTLES of wine... Is Donovan's quote effed up or is yours?

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