County Officials Crack Down On A Mom-And-Pop Landmark

David Anderson and his family have been serving breakfast and lunch to migrant workers and farmers from a tin-roof shack for more than half a century. But Miami-Dade County's bureaucratic environmental red tape is threatening to shut down his Redland Grocery at 26400 SW 187th Ave., Anderson says. "We've been in survival mode for quite some time," he adds. "It's hard to stay in business in this economy. We certainly don't need the county making it harder for us to stay open."

Built in 1912 as Pioneer Guild Hall, a home for a women's social service group bearing the same name, the structure located on agricultural land in southern Miami-Dade was converted to a mom-and-pop general store and gas station in the 1920s. Anderson's mother and father took over Redland Grocery in 1943, serving fried chicken and pulled-pork barbecue sandwiches along with homemade tamales.

In the 1990s, Redland Conservancy, a nonprofit group committed to preserving the area's agricultural and rural character, designated the store a historic site. But the Miami-Dade Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) has been putting the squeeze on him, Anderson claims, by forcing him to conduct expensive testing for contamination of Redland Grocery's groundwater wells every month. Initially, DERM officials had refused to close out a building permit on Anderson's property because of the potential contamination from petroleum and sewage waste.

This past June, Anderson appealed to the county's Environmental Quality Control Board, which found that the "on-site drinking water supply well will not be detrimental to the public health." The board granted Anderson a variance on the condition he monitor his wells.

"I've already spent $7000," Anderson grouses. "There is really no reason to do what they are asking for. This is completely uncalled for."

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WHERE THE HELL IS THIS AREAS LEGISLATORS. HIDING UNDER THEIR DESKS OR WORSE, HANGING OUT OF TOWN. It is time to hold them accountable to straighten out this are doondogle. Maybe they are the corrupted problem in the first place.


It is time to have DERM and Harvey Ruvin investigated for abuse of powers of the office they occupy. They do not have the statutory power to abuse a business that has been in continuos operation for many years so long as that operation is and has been in legal compliance with prior existing laws and regulation. Forcing new and unwarranted regulations should not be allowed merely on the whim of a local politician and the Foreign State Power to force on thie people of this country. fOREIGN pOWER aGENDA 21 must not be mandated on the citizens of these United States of America and it is time to just say no to these thieves and and landgrabbers. If they feel there is a problem, let them prove it and have the landowner reiburse the costs to do so, but only on independant, proven, reliable, investigation and science. If they require ongoing investigation without finding anything significantly wrong, LET THEM PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES. THIS IS HARRASSMENT, PURE AND SIMPLE.


DERM is out of control and Harvey Ruvin needs to be investigated as to all of his ties to the UN and Agenda 21. He needs to be exposed for taking the law into his hands outside of the judicial system. This stinks of forcing landowners into doing what the government and environmental groups think should be done with their land. We the people of The United States or better known as the silent majority have got to put a stop to our rights being trampled. We have been Rip Van Winkle long enough and it is time to WAKE UP!!


This is all that DERM does. Imagine all the worthless unfuckable people you remember in college that couldn't get laid in a cucumber patch, put them all together in one building and you got DERM. They sit there led by that jackass Carlos Espinosa doing anything and everything they can to stop people from doing legitimate business and worse, because of the way the agency is funded they answer to NO ONE!!!

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