Dan Marino Hates the Black Eyed Peas

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The Pittsburgh Steelers may not have won the Super Bowl, but the real losers seems to have been the Black Eyes Peas. The questionably talented group helmed the halftime show's first foray back into Top 40 pop since Janet Jackson's affaire du nipple a few years back. They may have avoided wardrobe malfunctions but did hit some serious entertainment malfunction. Even noted music critic Dan Marino hated them.

Dan Marino joined Joe Rose on WQAM to recap the game, but first Rose wanted to know Marino's take on the halftime show.

Marino does go easy on Fergie, but remember she is, for reasons we still don't fathom, a minority co-owner of the Dolphins:
Rose: Before we get into the game, and you're probably going to disagree with me, but I liked the Black Eyed Peas. I thought they were good.
Marino: They're OK. They're entertaining but they don't sing very good."
Rose: C'mon, man!
Marino: Their voices aren't that good. Fergie was good.
Rose: All right. That's all. Everybody at my work at NBC was ripping it last night, like, 'Aw, they suck. They're terrible. She's screaming. She was bad'
Marino: She was good. The rest of them were pretty weak.
Rose: You know what, though? I go through this every year with you. You haven't been real happy with some of the older bands. What's it going to take to make you happy?
Marino: Prince was good. When we had Prince in Miami (at Super Bowl XLI in 2007). He knocked it out.
Rose: And then, of course, Christina Aguilera messes up the National Anthem and has to send out an apology. What a dummy.
Marino: Oh, no. Hey, she's from Pittsburgh, man. It was perfect. ... The Black Eyed Peas were weak."
And there you have it: Dan Marino has better taste in music than anyone at WQAM's sister station Power 96.

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They indeed sucked the rash off the backside of an elephant. Besides obvious technical problems with mics, the entire thing looks like it was put together by a 60 year old executive trying to reach out to the 18 year old X crowd. "yeah, we can throw is some lighted suites and it will look groovy man!"

Utter Shite


Power 96! LOL.Look the BEP's are entertainers. Not so much musicians. So, entertain they did. The lights were cool.

Peas R good 4 U
Peas R good 4 U

Um I thought the Black Eyed Peas were great.What does old man Marino and a bunch of sports announcers know about music anyway.


wow he actually knows what he's talking about... Fergie = mediocre / The Rest of the Black Eyed Peas = all Frosting, none of the cake like the majority of hip hop artist.

These "artist" should worry less about twitter and all their social mediums and staying cool and relevant and worry MORE about actually fulfilling the title of artist.

Props to Marino for actually pointing out one of the few true talents that have been on the half time show... PRINCE!!!

also very good that he pointed him out because I'm sure the pathetic media would blow something up like this as him being racist


so disappointment ,all over place

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