Dolphins Really Interested in Cam Newton, But Should They Bother?

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Controversial but undeniably talented former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is taking the unusual step of hosting his own Pro Day in San Francisco today, but will only open the display to the media and not NFL scouts. It's the latest odd PR step in a career that's been full of them, but it apparently isn't turning off the Dolphins. They're reportedly very interested in the QB, but with the 15th pick in the draft should they even bother?

Despite winning the Heisman and leading Auburn to the championship, Newtown is surrounded in controversy thanks to scandals involving a stolen laptop and his father's apparent pay-for-play scheming.

Though, that doesn't appear to be reducing his NFL prospects much. According to the respected, he's the number one prospect in the draft for at least six teams. The team that's been showing him the most interest: your Miami Dolphins.
Last week in San Antonio at least six different teams said they rank Auburn quarterback Cam Newton as the number one prospect in the draft. The opinions were comprised from scouts, personnel directors and a few coaches. All had Newton rated clearly higher than Da'Quan Bowers, Nick Fairley, Marcel Dareus and competing signal caller Blaine Gabbert. We hear the Miami Dolphins have been inquiring heavily into Newton at this stage of the game.
It makes sense. When it comes to the QB position, the Dolphins desperately need some change. Though, most mock drafters predict Newton will be taken somewhere between the seventh and 12th pick, and if his media plan works he may go even sooner.

Then again, the odd choice of skipping the NFL combine and holding his own media day may turn some teams off, giving the Dolphins a chance to snag him. Plus, more than most markets, Miami fans are able to turn a blind eye to controversy.

What do you think? Is Newton the man to finally end the Dolphin's QB struggles, or is it highly unlikely the Fins will even get a chance?

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What's your source for your statement on Cam's "the odd choice of skipping the NFL combine"? His statement today is that he will attend the combine but may not participate in all the drills. Even if he does skip some drills, is it really your position that it's "odd" for a top prospect to do so? If so, you're incredibly ignorant.


Doesn't matter who the Dolphins get, they will always remain a losing team. A complete embarrassment to Miami. Season after losing season , they continue to fail.


Newton would be perfect in Miami if they mold their offense around him.Everyone talks about how the spread won't work in the NFL.It already works the Patriots,Colts,and Packers all run Spread Sets and the Packers just won the superbowl defeating the top defense in the league the steelers.The Broncos already implemented spread sets for tebow that worked pretty well.So Miami hopeflly can get their guy in Cam.I think they should resign ronnie brown also


Mallett > Newton > Ingram

I agree we need to take a QB, but unless one of these 2 is available, we will likely trade down like the boringly frugal team we are and draft a HogMolly lineman at 26.

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