Elitist National Magazine Endorses Luke For Mayor

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Michael McElroy
Luke promises a tax on that bouncing booty!
You know Uncle Luke is the true front runner when even the New Yorkers are telling Miami-Dade voters to elect him county mayor. New York magazine officially joined the movement today. Writer Amos Barshad notes "it doesn't take a friggin' expert to know that former 2 Live Crew svengali Luther Campbell -- a.k.a. Luke, a.k.a. Uncle Luke, a.k.a., at least a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, before George Lucas sued him, Luke Skyywalker -- would make an excellent mayor." Heck, the New Times columnist certainly looked the part in this interview with CBS4:

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I'm a big fan of Luke, but there's no way he will become mayor of Miami unless he changes his last name to Martinez.

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