Former First Lady Carole Crist is Selling Her Fisher Island Condo

Former First Lady of Florida Carole Crist may not be the newest member of the Senate Spouse's club, but she's sticking by her man. In fact, despite plans by the couple to split their time between Miami and Tampa Bay, she's put her fancy Fisher Island condo on the market so she can live with Charlie Crist full-time in St. Petersburg.

Former Governor Charlie Crist has never owned a house, and for years has lived in a rented one-bedroom apartment on the 21st floor in Bayfront Tower in St. Petersburg. In fact, that's where he proposed to Carole in 2008. Now he'll be moving two floors down to the 19th floor to a rented two-bedroom apartment. That extra bedroom is for when Carole's two daughters visit from New York.

Her four bedroom condo in the fancy Palazzo Del Mare on Fisher Island is listed for sale for $3.7 million, according to the St. Peterburg Times. For those of us who always sneered that the quickie Crist marriage was one of political convenience, ask yourself if you'd move from Fisher Island to a rental in St. Pete?

Crist is now working for a the Morgan & Morgan law firm.

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Just sayin...
Just sayin...

actually, Carole just dropped the asking (again) to $3.3m, having listed the property over 13 months ago for $4.1m... once sold she'll probably go back to NY. Bayfront Tower is an older property that shows its age, and nearly all residents are 70+. Manhattan/Hamptons socialite that she is, Carole is not going to live at Bayfront for long. So, I would never move from Fisher Island to Bayfront in St Pete (with Charlie) permanently, I would do it while waiting for my home to sell before I make my next move.

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