Hialeah Senator Introduces Bill to Ban Red Light Cameras in Florida

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State Senator Rene Garcia is our new hero. The Hialeah Republican has introduced a bill in the state legislature that would effectively ban the use of red light cameras and has called them a "big-brother initiative." It's probably one of the few times when a Republican from Hialeah and the ACLU can actually agree on something.

"It is an unwarranted, big-brother initiative," said Garcia in a release. "We need to ensure that citizens are treated fairly, and this bill will protect Floridians from intrusive snapshots and inaccurate ticketing. Local governments have used these cameras to tax their citizens under the disguise of safety."

The rise of red light cameras in Florida comes as many local governments find themselves strapped for cash, and the tickets collected from some of these cameras can bring in millions of dollars a year.

Garcia cites a study by the National Motorist Associated that he says proves "red light cameras do not create a significant improvement to traffic flow or reduction to the number of accidents." However, a study released last week by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims that they reduce the "rate of fatal red light running crashes by 24 percent."

The NMA has maintained that lengthening yellow lights would actually lead to greater crash reductions while also resulting in fewer tickets.

Other studies have found that the cameras lead to a rise in rear-end crashes.

The cameras have raised the ire of people across the political compass from Libertarian-minded Republicans like Garcia to liberal groups like the ACLU.

The City of Miami began operating red light cameras at the beginning of this year, while other cities like Miami Beach, Aventura, Hollywood and Pembroke Pines also use red light cameras.

If Garcia's bill were to pass, all red light cameras in Florida would be banned by July 2011.

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How can owners of vehicles be mailed violatons for a moving violation "SOMEBODY" has committed? I hope auto owners given these unfair violations ban together and take this to a high court.


Dear Senator Garcia,

I'm so proud of you and your efforts to ban red-light cameras throughout our great State of Florida. And, I want to thank you so... much for standing up and speaking out for all law abiding citizens of Florida.

I am a 3rd generation, 55 year native resident and Democrat from Bradenton, Florida. Even though I'm not in your district, I greatly appreciate your being one of our Honorable Senators in FLorida. First, I have never received a citation from a camera, so I'm not bias against them for that.

I do however, see an alarming trend and, if not dealt with promptly, or like we locals sometimes say, "Nipped in the bud", I'm really scared our basic freedoms in Florida are truly threatened.

Next, after reading George Orwell's book "1984", (when I was in about 9th grade 1970), I believed things it described would only be possible in places like Russia or China. The Book scared me then and it scares me even more now that I've lived long enough see red-light cameras come to pass.

I DO NOT WANT my family to be AFRAID of Federal, State & Local Government. Government is intruding into our personal lives, raising funds, with a total disrespect for the word "Freedom" and what Freedom stands for in America.

God bless you and your staff for your courage and commitment. Stand tall on this....

"It's not about the money, it's the Money!"

Maybe it would be a good idea to introduce a bill at the same time that makes '1984" required reading in all Florida schools.


No way it will ever pass. The State gets the lion's share of these tickets and they can't afford to lose the revenue Garcia is on his own


He needs to get a large bunch of legislators behind this. It needs to get done--- NOW. Wandell has no right to take her anger about her husband out on every Floridian in the state including safe drivers who get caught in an intersection because of some tailgater making it unsafe to stop. She is probably being paid a LOT by the camera companies to front for them. Nice little deal.


RLC need to be banned. The vast majority of the "citation" are techincal fouls like non dangerous right turns on red (still after 7/2010), stopping over the stop line, and split second mistakes that longer ambers stop.

In the meantime RLC are fundimentally useless against most RLV crashes since they are typically plus 5 seconds into red and have secondary themes like DUI, fleeing police, not paying attention, mechanical/medical!

IIHS RLC study is if not Flawed, an utter FRAUD!

On towns like Chandler, it was found:


Quote: The City of Chandler was contacted by two of the news outlets (both local) who reported on the news release by Redflex. Both were told that Chandler was not consulted and the numbers given by IIHS were inaccurate and deceptive.

Also see: http://blog.motorists.org/iihs...


and www.fcranews.com


Not a fan of them either but ironic how it's the senator of Hialeah. Driving in Hialeah is a nightmare!! NO ONE KNOWS HOW DRIVE TO CORRECTLY.


For real ... how is this different from extortion ...

"psssst. come here, gimmie $158 and i wont tell that cop u ran the red light ..."


YES!!!! These things are a freakin scam!

Manny Cid
Manny Cid

very discriminatoury of you and close minded of you for trying to bundle all HIaleahans as one. On another note this Garcia guy is the same guy who was unopposed yet never has done anything for Hialeah or Miami Lakes and he has never done anything for anone in all of Miami except for his former boss. They fired him as soon as he was about to be term limited out. he has no chaance of making a name for himself. well anyways the red-lights are in Hialeah on 49 st and in front of the police station why did he never say anything in the past. Why doesnt anyone talk about this?,,, can the writer tell us something of this?

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