Hosni Mubarak Steps Down -- Now How Much Longer Will Miguel Exposito Last?

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Angry crowds have shouted for his ouster for weeks. Civic leaders have loudly decried his reign. His minions are accused of abusing the public with indiscriminate violence.

And yet Miami PD chief Miguel Exposito keeps his tenuous grasp on power.

Oh, you thought we were talking about that other guy? Nope, Hosni Mubarak has finally thrown in the towel. So how much longer will Exposito hang on?

What's that you say? Conflating the homicidal reign of a dictator who has oppressed millions for three decades with a shoddy police chief is absurd?

Touche, hypothetical Riptide reader.

That doesn't change the fact that Mubarak was about the only guy in the world who's seat was hotter than Exposito's, and now that he's fled for his vacation villa in Sharm el-Sheik the police jefe is all alone waiting for the axe to fall.

To review: With last night's shooting, Exposito's force has killed seven young black men in Overtown, Liberty City and Little Haiti since last summer. He's gotten into ugly public spats with State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and Mayor Tomas Regalado. He's been embarrassed by a leaked reality show promo where he describes his cops as "predators."

Everyone assumes that new city manager Tony Crapp Jr. is only waiting for FBI consultant Paul Phillip to complete a damning review of the department before ending the Era of Expo. But how long is that going to take?

Mubarak stepped down after crowds massed around the presidential palace this morning. Everyone out there know where Miami PD headquarters is located?

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Mr. Elfrink, are you inciting a riot!! Oh no, I'm sorry, these days that's called community organizing. I'm sure you and your readers who subscribe to your unsoiled purist ideological thinking have just the right person for the chiefs job. You know someone who can talk the talk (you never want to use word that will scare the little ones) and walk the walk (never having a confrontation with anyone everyone is very nice) and knows intellectually and intuitively all the Idiosyncrasies and complexities of managing a large metropolitan police department.


Tim, Expo is Regalados Frankenstein. If Expo has to go, Tomas should be right behind him. Thanks Mayor Regalado for blasting our city back into the dark ages.

T$ must be laughing his ass off right now.

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