Jaime Bayly May Have Left His Cocaine Days Behind, But He's Still Addicted to Chaos

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Michael McElroy
Jaime Bayly on the set of his new show, "Bayly." It airs week nights at 10 p.m. on Mega TV.
Every time Peruvian talk show host Jaime Bayly's life starts to settle down, things go haywire.

When he made it big in Peru, Alberto Fujimori staged an autogolpe. As soon as he moved to Colombia, secret police warned him Hugo Chávez had allegedly hired assassins to kill him. And last fall, just when Bayly had dropped an audacious bid to  become president of Peru, the bisexual journalist knocked-up his then 21-year-old girlfriend.

"She got pregnant... not because we wanted to have a baby but just because we were horny and smoked some good pot," Bayly says. "That's life. I really believe that life is chaos."

For more on Bayly's bizarre brand of chaos -- and the collateral damage it causes -- check out this week's feature, which will be posted online later today.

Bayly recently returned to Miami-based Spanish-language station Mega TV, where he hosted a similar show until 2009. His new show, "Bayly," airs week nights from 10 - 11 p.m.

His first guest back in November was none other than his new, preggers girlfriend, Silvia Núñez del Arco. And while the interview made for damn good television, it also set the chaos-o-meter spinning once again.

Bayly's ex-wife, two teenage daughters, and Argentine ex-boyfriend all have since stopped speaking to him. Here's the talk show host explaining the unexpected pregnancy and the fall-out:

So you see how the baby was conceived? Was it out of love? No. It was totally a chain of random events: I don't have (my) sleeping pills, I start driving like crazy in Lima looking for a drug store, I have an argument with the policemen, I need to smoke pot, I smoke pot with Silvia, we make love, and she became pregnant. When I told this little romantic story on TV some people were outraged because some people were outraged because they felt like I was scorning my little baby: 'How the hell can you say that you conceived your baby while drugged and that he's a consequence of your addiction to sleeping pills?' Well, that's the fucking truth! And I want my baby to know the truth.
A clip from Bayly's return to Mega TV in November in which he interviews his pregnant fiancé:

Read more about Bayly's extraordinary life -- including his past addiction to cocaine -- in this week's copy of New Times.

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Jaime Bayly es de los grandes del comentarismo divertido, y les arde a mucha gente que carece de ése nivel de estatura de talento y ante tal situación atacan a denigrarlo por vicios y debilidades que cualquiera puede tener y que no son éstas las que lo hacen grande sino a pesar de las cuales lo es. Pero ésta es una vieja táctica de ineptos.Si lo dejan seguir por su propio peso ascenderá al estrellato que le corresponde por su genialidad.

Herby Garcia
Herby Garcia

I was flipping by the channels last night and saw this guys monologue. It was pretty funny. I am going to check him out again today.


Jaime Bayly puede ser un tipo muy inteligente, no lo niego, pero tambien tiene necesidad de llamar la atencion sobre su vida bizarra y no separa su trabajo profesional de su vida privada, cuando veo las entrevistas, es muy interesante la forma de entrevista y el tipo sabe su trabajo y es muy culto pero enloda todo siempre acotando acerca de su vida sexual, puede que muchas personas disfruten de esta morbosidad pero yo personalmente, NO.

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