Keys Teen Arrested For Breaking Into Appliance Store to Watch Porn

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via Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Kenneth White, a 19-year-old from Marathon, faces a felony burglary charge.
When Monroe County Sheriff's deputies responded to an alarm at an appliance shop in Marathon late last night, they expected to find the usual: a burglary in progress or perhaps a malfunctioning security system. Instead, the cops say they walked in through an unlocked side door to find Kenneth White, a 19-year-old Marathoner, hastily pulling up his pants in front of a computer playing porn. It's OK, though -- he was just there "looking for a job."

Two deputies headed to Marathon's Windswept Appliance and Air Conditioning shop just before 11:30 last night after an alarm was triggered, according to the Sheriff's Office.

They noticed a broken window out front and a pair of shoes lying outside before entering through the unlocked door.

After White put his pants back on, he first told the deputies he was at the store job hunting, the deputies say. Then, he told them he'd seen a light on inside the store and was "investigating."

Now he faces a felony burglary charge and two misdemeanors. "Watching porn on someone else's computer" isn't a chargeable offense just yet, so the law went with two counts of petit theft and property damage.

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What the heck. I think teenagers tend to do such useless things out of impulse and without thinking it over. 


My Father would not believe this one...

My dad, Paul, built that Appliance Store in 1952 in Marathon and I grew up there. My how things have changed. I remember selling Lemonade at the front of the store when I was 8 years old to his customers.

Kenneth - Good luck trying to find a job now. LOSER!


C'mon did he really not expect cops to come? aftering breaking and entering..Did he think G maybe there are silent alarms, someone seen me? or there are video cams etc..? People are nuts


I came I fapped I got jailed

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