Krop High Will Play On, But Coach Shakey Wasn't Too Happy To See Us

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Brian Delancy was flanked by lawyers and kept far away from Riptide.
Judge Spencer Eig this afternoon granted an emergency injunction to Dr. Michael Krop High's basketball team, allowing the number-one-ranked squad to join three other teams in the playoffs despite eligibility issues surrounding 19-year-old guard Brian Delancy. Eig ruled that it would be "fundamentally unfair not to allow these students to play basketball" before exhausting all available appeals with the Florida High School Athletic Association.

The courtroom -- packed with Delancy's teammates, all wearing purple tracksuits -- burst into a standing ovation when court was adjourned. It really was like a scene from a Disney movie. So of course Riptide had to ruin it.

Delancy, a Bahamian native, was disqualified from playing due to a failure to file proper paperwork with the Florida High School Athletic Association. But this morning, we published a host of other eligibility concerns we had discovered, most prominently, that Delancy's legal guardian is Bernard Wright, who for two decades has been a close colleague of Krop coach Shakey Rodriguez. Both Wright and Rodriguez are notorious for rule-bending recruiting shenanigans.

Further, Wright lives in Hialeah -- outside of Krop's school zone.

Delancy was probably the only Krop player who didn't attend the hearing. He showed up afterward, flanked by lawyers and Krop athletic director Michael Kypriss. "I was too nervous," he explained when a reporter shouted for a reason why Delancy wasn't in court. He was swamped by TV reporters angling for a shot, and then was escorted away from the courthouse.

We tried to ask Shakey, who was wearing a Krop guayabara and sunglasses on the top of his head, about Delancy's residency when we caught him milling around the courthouse. "I got nothing to say to you, dude," he seethed after we introduced ourselves. He then speed-walked away. "Leave it at that."

Later, athletic director Kypriss, walking two feet from Delancy, at least let us get our simple opening question out: Does Brian live with Bernard Wright?

"Come on man, be happy for us!" Kypriss boomed indignantly, loping away from the courthouse with Delancy in tow. "We met all the eligibility requirements! Come on man, I thought you'd be happy for us!"

Well, sure, Mike -- as long as the playing field is even with all the rest of Florida's teams.

We're still digging around, and finding some interesting stuff. Stay tuned as we tackle such riveting questions as: So where the heck does Brian Delancy live anyway? And is Bernard Wright really fit to be playing legal guardian to all these student athletes?

Krop's first playoff game is tomorrow, but it's unclear what team they'll be playing. It may be Carol City High -- the school whose administrators ratted out Delancy to the FHSAA in the first place.

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Krop's Principal Matthew Welker is on ice now for thirty days in unrelated criminal matters.

As to this matter Welker pushed out Krop Athletic Director Lori Nelson last year when Rodriguez and his partner in world class recruiting Mike Kypriss decided she might get in the way of their plans to conquer the Florida basketball world. Kypriss was installed as the AD and the coast was now clear to bring in Delancy and the kid from Georgia.

Getting Delancy into Krop was another Shakey Rodriguez production in association with Bernard Wright. Wright signed on as his legal guardian and enrolled him at the storefront school Choice Learning Academy where Wright had set up his Krop farm team operation. Wright claimed guardianship over Delancy despite the fact there is no blood relationship between them.

Rodriguez is in the DROP and will be forced to retire after next school year. He wanted one last taste of the big prize before he went. He suffers from one of the seven deadly sins big time--vanity. So the bad toupee, the daily workouts at LA Fitness in Skylake and the reckless bending of the rules in this case. He's confided to the Head Coach at Norland that he knows he went too far this time.

Shakey was praying that the judge went the other way today. The whole thing would have been chalked up to a paperwork snafu and he would have been the hero of the immigrants rights movement, right there with Marlene Bastien. Now the drama continues and at least the Miami New Times if not the Herald will deepen its investigation. My the ugliness that will come to light! It will end up bringing down Shakey, Kypriss and Welker, for one thing because it makes the boss Alberto Carvalho look like a clueless bystander. Institutional safeguards are supposed to prevent scandals like the one we have beginning to unfold here.

Go get em' Gus.


Hey Paul, you're really onto something with that whole Lori Nelson thing. Lori Nelson, Mike Kypriss, Shakey Rodriguez, Matthew Welker, Alberto Carvalho, you really seem to have named all the key players in this 'scandal', except you're missing a link...

Who was a good friend of Lori Nelson, who wanted to make Krop pay for getting "pushed out"? Who was jealous of the win records of both Mike Kypriss and Shakey Rodriguez and wanted nothing more than to pin some dirt on them their last year before retirement? Who wanted Welker to regret ever making Kypriss AD? Who's now Kypriss's boss and hates it so much she would rather just suspend him on bogus offenses than properly do her job? Carvalho may be a "clueless bystander" but everyone knows who's really behind the allegations and leaks. Cheryl Golden.

Scott Ross
Scott Ross

Paul . . .

You seem remarkably well informed, as if you actually witnessed the crimes and misdemeanors you allege herein. Still, it's bad form -- that's polite for cowardly -- to accuse and indict while standing comfortably in the shadows of anonymity.

If you've got evidence or eyewitness testimony to support your allegations, you should file a sworn affidavit with the FHSAA and the Miami-Dade County Schools. Short of that, your empty allegations more closely resemble slander.

Man up, Pablo. Sign your name to your words, so you can own them and be held accountable.

Like this . . .

Scott RossAventura, Florida


Let me see if I got this straight KennDoe. When Dr. Welker moved Lori Nelson out after Kypriss and Rodriguez complained to him about her, Cheryl Golden got upset and launched a vast conspiracy to void Bryan Delancy's visa, and put two birth certificates on file for him, and provide fake addressed for him and for Angel Rodriguez and Trevin Joseph. Ms. Golden was already jealous, even though she's never coached a tennis or basketball team at any level, of the great success of Kypriss and Rodriguez have had.

Seriously now Kenn, do you know how insane that is? Somebody is absolutely desperate to launch this ridiculous campaign against Cheryl Golden to try to save Kypriss and Rodriguez.

And Alberto Carvalho is not a "key player" in this scandal. He's not involved in it at all. But he's the boss and its very dangerous when you make the boss look bad by grossly violating the policies of the MDCPS and the rules of the FHSAA. You better come with something better than Cheryl Golden made us do it.


Hey Scott, I just read your comment on Dr. Welker in the Herald. I got to give you credit, you do "walk the walk" and just don't talk the talk. It's very commendable that you and Evan are willing to go to the wall for Shakey and Kypriss even after being treated so unfairly by Welker and being robbed of the student body presidency. I salute you.

As per your admonition, I will try to be a better man. But I'm a CIA agent so I'm unable to sign my real name, its a matter of national security.



Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, spent the day at Sylvester Cancer Care Center. Saw one of my doctors, the oncologist, and he uttered one of my least favorite words these days. Back when I was coaching a basketball team I loved the word "aggressive" but now it makes me nervous. I take that back. It scares me.

But you are mistaken Scott if you think I didn't attach my full name to my words out of fear or cowardice. Attempts at intimidation like yours are also useless. The Big C has taken away the fear of everything except that final goodbye to family and friends. I don't know why, but ever since my life took its turn, the words of Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street keep ringing in my ears, with a one-word edit."The point is ladies and gentlemen, cancer, for lack of a better word, is good. Cancer is right. Cancer works. Cancer clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit."

They've written a few pieces on matters related to me here at the Miami New Times, you can link to them here and let's get on with the accountability.

Paul MooreMiami Gardens, Florida


We will be bringing out facts just the way Delancy and all the other students supposedly came into this country with an I-20 visa to where? So how exactly did Delancy get in? INS loopholes have been under investigation since 911. Yes Shaky you went too far! keep looking over your back cause we're NOT going away any time soon! There are more links to Shaky that keep showing up but do not amaze us. Most of these under-age athletes have one thing linking them together Miami Tropics' Art Alvarez. Jose Juan Bareau, Dallas Mavericks, born in Mayaguez, PR, Played at Miami Christian School at age 17, Carlos Rivera, Born in San German PR, played at Miami Christian 2 years, Guillermo Diaz and brother Escalera, played at Miami Christian. Raul Orta, born in Ponce, PR played at Miami Christian, Edvardo Burrows, From Bahamas No Bull Team at Westminster College Prep, playing Center of Life Academy, brought in from Choice Prep by Bernard Wright. Paul Sati Gombwer of Nigeria playing at Choice Prep under Bernard Wright, Nonma Baru "AB" Adjehi, Abidejen, Ivory Coast, Choice Prep, Bernard Wright, Ismalia Danda, Nigeria, Choice Prep, Bernard Wright,look at the list at CLA Hawks!!


Thanks Paul, drop me a line at


From what I've heard, Kypriss and Rodriguez weren't the only ones with problems with Nelson, so if you want to try and pin the blame on them for her removal, go right ahead. As for grossly violating MDPCS policies- they've followed them to a T, which is why they never asked for an I-20 or similar immigration papers. And rules of the FHSAA? If they don't have the money to police their arbitrary and unenforcable "rules" except by relying on other teams to "snitch", then they should put it in their policies handbook so a coach or school is protected from discrimination litigation. Then coaches could legally ask for the papers, and then submit them to FHSAA.

But, explain this: If everyone around Golden, people above and below her, have issued a statement of support for Krop, it really starts to look like sour grapes is holding her tongue. What's in it for her? Why the silent treatment?

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