Krop Was Fined For Ineligible Star Tennis Player

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Krop High was fined for letting star Sonya Latycheva play.
Yesterday, Riptide debunked embattled Krop High athletic director Michael Kypriss' claim that he had never before encountered an immigration paperwork conflict of the type that recently got his boys' basketball disqualified.

Turns out, he had dealt with the same issue just last year, when the Florida High School Athletic Association investigated a Canadian-born star female tennis player.

Reached at the school, Kypriss repeated the same thing several times: "Both of those girls were cleared to play last year."

That's not exactly true. Sonya Latycheva did play -- the talented then-junior won the doubles state championship and placed second in the singles category -- but the FHSAA ruled that the school had violated rules in her three years of play by not filing the immigration paperwork.

The athletic association was lenient, classifying the lapse as a "minor" violation and fining the school $400 -- a break from the possible $2,500-per-contest levy. "Continued violations of this nature," the FHSAA noted in a memo to the school (embedded below), "may warrant additional penalties and [be] considered major infractions."

Latycheva, who has played on the professional circuit, is home-schooled, but allowed to play for Krop under FHSAA provisions. One of the top players in Florida, the senior leads a Krop juggernaut that placed third in the state last year.

In an e-mail to Riptide, Kypriss hedged blame: "Please note that [Latycheva] played her freshman and sophomore years and I was not the Athletic Director."

When she played in money tournaments, he added, she only accepted "travel money" and not prize money. That's "permitted to maintain her amateur status," he wrote.


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Isaac Garazi
Isaac Garazi

I have known Michael Kypriss since he first began teaching at Michael Krop Senior High School.My children were in the first and second graduating classes and played tennis for him at MKHS. Although they were both top players, neither was "recruited". I am disgusted by your ability to publish a completely one sided opinion piece with few facts. Your blog is equivalent to McCarthyism as you give your opinion as if it were fact and then let your victims defend themselves after the damage is done. Knowing Coach Kypriss for all these years tells me that your did not do your homework. I know for a fact that coach Kypriss has only one goal in mind and that is whatever is in the best interest of his students. How many of his kids have received scholarships to universities? How many have gone to schools that they never would have had a chance to attend if it were not for the efforts of Mike Kypriss. I know of several instances where his telephone call was instumental in having a player accepted to a top school. It is interesting that you have chosen two isolated instances where details were possibly overlooked to slander one of South Florida's top coaches. Have you asked why these top athletes look to play for Mike? Perhaps they know what you failed to find out, that he is a great coach and someone who can help a student/athlete get to college and build a career. If that is a crime than something is wrong with our system.I have no specific knowledge of the instances sited by you but I know that this was a completely one sided hatchet job with no interest in being thorough or fair with the facts.I hope that my comments are taken for what they are, a testimony to the character of Michael KyprissSincerely,Isaac Garazi, DMD


Well, if you followed this paper at all, you would come to realize that GUS is one of the worst `writers' (and I use the term loosely) that they have. His stories are always littered with erroneous information, and grammatical errors. He's not a reporter, but more of a cut/paste kind of guy.

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