Miami Herald Endorses Luther Campbell? Hell Nah! He's Our Candidate!

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Bad enough The Miami Herald poaches New Times stories without giving us credit, but now they want to co-opt our mayoral candidate. Yesterday, the city's only major daily newspaper published a column by local African American blogger Joy-Ann Reid essentially endorsing Luther Campbell for county mayor. The 726-word opinion piece lays out some pretty compelling reasons why Uncle Luke is the best candidate for the job, even crediting his provocative columns published by this newspaper. For a minute, we had to check if pigs were flying over Biscayne Bay.

Reid argues Republicans mocked Jimmy Carter's candidacy, while Democrats derided Ronald Reagan's presidential aspirations, yet both men got elected commander in chief. She adds, "Campbell, of course is no Reagan -- and no Carter, either. But in a country that has largely merged corporate celebrity and politics, Luke is as credible a candidate as any."

There you have it.

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You Must Be Joking...
You Must Be Joking...

What a sad state of affairs our country is in to even be discussing this issue...Luke for mayor...? This is a joke, right...?!


Would you elect a man who ran his company bankrupt ,refused to pay his artist, paid his childsupport in pennys and refers to his children as "sperm-donor kids"?Oh yeah he's got all the makings... well DRAMA of a politician!

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