Operation Pill Nation Nets Midtown Pain Management

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In an effort dubbed "Operation Pill Nation," federal and local authorities executed the largest crack down on pill mills in South Florida to date. South Florida has become a hotbed of shady pain clinics dolling out prescriptions for powerful and addictive pain killers, and while most of these clinics are concentrated in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, officials also arrested several people this morning at the Midtown Pain Management Clinic.

WSVN reports that officers from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency in conjunction with both Miami-Dade and City of Miami Police raided the Midtown Miami Pharmacy, or as it's identified on its signage Miami Pain Management, this morning, located on North Miami Ave and 38th Street near, but not in, the Midtown Miami development.

A doctor and several others, believed to be clients, were taking into custody. Any suspect with an outstanding warrant was taken into custody, while others were released but will still face charges.

Several other arrests occurred after raids in Broward and Palm Beach. Zvi "Harry" Perper, the son of Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper, was one of the more notable arrests this morning during the crackdown.

Update: Dr. Jeffrey Lipman, president of Midtown Pain Management, was the doctor arrested in the Miami sweep. According to The Herald he's charged with "six counts of drug trafficking for selling pills to undercover agents posing as patients without legitimate medical problems."

Lipman was originally targeted because he ordered more than 288,560 during an 8 months span. Undercover officers posed as patients visiting the clinic, and Lipman freely wrote prescriptions for bogus medical problems.

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Reprehensible ignorance and arrogance on the part of the authorities. Dr. Lipman is no criminal. Pray that youpeople doing and ordering the arrest don't ever have pain to say nothing of chronic pain. If you do, you will beg to have compassionate doctors like Dr Lipman. He acted within the confines of his license and his long education. Have you no honor? Have you no shame?


Dr. Lipman was a very honest and concerned doctor. Not everyone is a pillhead and several people of various ages who suffer severe pain. He helped me with my pain and money was not his object. He helped me for over a year. Am i a pillhead? No. I no longer am on medication either. I am shocked that he was arrested just shocked!!! Most of the people in his office are on canes, rolling walkers, or crawl through the door. This is just stupid and pure arrogance.


And Rick Scott is shutting down the Office of Drug Control as we speak... I wonder who's interest he has at heart.


Take them all downnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pharmaceutical companies want you to get addicted so people keep buying more and more while they reap billions and billions every year!!!!! They need to pay!!!!!!!!! It has destroyed society in this country!!!!!!!!!!! Bring them down to the ground!!!!!!!!!

Larry  Boyd
Larry Boyd

I can only say good things about Dr. Lipman. he checked my symptoms every visit and told me he would refer me to other dr.s for the things he was not up on. he never did any wrong that I could tell. Please all Do not be quick to judge this Dr. You Have my vote of Confidence Dr. Lipman Thank you for your diligent help ! Larry Boyd

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