President Obama Coming Back to Miami on March 4

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President Obama sure loves hitting up Miami for fundraisers. POTUS has been in the area several times since his election for numerous cash raising soirees (including one at the Estefan household) and will be back in town March 4 to attend a fundraiser for Democratic Senate candidates as well as to advance his agenda for the next year.

The White House says he'll be in town "to discuss his plan for winning the future." Which means more than likely he'll be holding some sort of semi-public event to discuss many of the same themes he went over in his State of the Union address. Though no details have been released besides that.

He'll also attend a fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Florida's Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is seen as one of the most vulnerable senators up for re-election in 2012. Though only Jeb Bush (who is almost certainly not running) is the only Republican polling ahead of him, the fact Nelson can't poll more than 50 percent against any candidate at the moment shows he's vulnerable. He'll likely be a top recipient of DSCC cash during the next election cycle.

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Go Back Home...

Stay in Washington, we don't want you down here! Obummer is a walking disaster, everything he touches turns to shit. He couldn't govern his way out of a wet paper bag. There's a good reason he paid to have all of his school, college and birth records locked in a vault, he's a fake...! Our liar in chief...


aye batard we all love obama in miami so you can go to hell.

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