Rick Scott Flip Flops on Collective Bargaining

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In a stunningly speedy political flip-flop, Florida Governor Rick Scott has completely changed his stance on whether or not unions should have collective bargaining rights. He's fallen in step with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's anti-union stance. What made Scott change his mind so fast? Well, for one, he had a 30-minute phone call with Walker on Wednesday.

In a post on Tuesday we noted that Scott told a Florida radio station he was fine with unions' rights to collective bargaining:
"My belief is as long as people know what they're doing, collective bargaining is fine," Scott said on WFLA Radio in Tallahassee.

"Scott said what he means is that as long as the discussion is honest about what benefits employees are getting, he has no objection to public employees being members of unions," reports Saint Petersblog.
Just days later he seems to have pulled a political 180.

"If you didn't have collective bargaining, would it be better for the state? Absolutely," Scott told Bloomberg News in a wide ranging interview.

He went on to say that Walker and other Governors trying to curb collective bargaining rights are "absolutely doing the right thing."

Why the sudden turn? Well, Scott had a private 30-minute phone call with Walker scheduled for Wednesday. Though, it's not known what the two Gov. Scotts discussed.

Interestingly, Rick Scott was mentioned in a phone call Walker made with a journalist from The Buffalo Beast who was pretending to be David H. Koch (a billionaire who funds many Tea Party efforts, yeah, so much for that grassroots stuff).

"I talk to [Ohio Governor John] Kasich every day--John's gotta stand firm in Ohio. I think we could do the same thing with [Rick] Scott in Florida. I think, uh, [Ohio Governor Rick] Snyder--if he got a little more support--probably could do that in Michigan. You start going down the list there's a lot of us new governors that got elected to do something big," Walker eagerly told the faux-Koch.

Walker obviously sees his battle as the first move in a bigger war on unions, one of the few political establishments left in America that represents the working class.

Apparently, he did "do the same with Rick Scott in Florida" and now Scott is in line. Of course, Florida is a right-to-work state, so there's only so many collective bargaining rights unions have as it is, but it will be interesting to see where Scott moves in this direction and how far he'll go to bring Florida in line with the political agenda of fellow billionaires like David Koch.

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There's just one problem if Gov Scott wishes to change collective bargaining for public unions in Florida. It's going to take an amendment to the constitution, which requires a supermajority of 60%. In many states collective bargaining is only a legislative privilege. In Florida however it is a right, because it isn’t legislative, but enshrined in the constitution. SECTION 6. Right to work.—The right of persons to work shall not be denied or abridged on account of membership or non-membership in any labor union or labor organization. The right of employees, by and through a labor organization, to bargain collectively shall not be denied or abridged. Public employees shall not have the right to strike.”


Rick Scott is a criminal and only wants to further his political and personal wealth. He cannot be trusted.

Shame on all the voters that were deceived by him. Next time, vote for a democrat, even a independent would have been better. I personally thought that Charlie Christ would better as he really truly has the best interest for FL.


I am not one for unions. But they have what they have due to our elected officials. It is our officials that have given them to much power


Rick Scott is a shit sucking billionaire who has no business being in charge of law making. May Rick Scott acquire a terminal disease and die a long, slow, painful death in payment for his actions.


Preferably being treated in one of his own fetid hospitals off the tax payer dime.

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