Rick Scott's Budget is Tea Stained

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Despite that whole separation of church and state thing and calls to tone down partisan political rhetoric, Rick Scott introduced his first budget as governor today at a Tea Party rally in a church in small town Eustis, Florida. The rally took on a defiantly partisan affair as Tea Partiers had also come to celebrate the recent ruling against the Obama-backed health care reform laws. Of course, Scott's budget was perfectly brewed for the Tea Party set.

While Scott promised no cuts to the state's struggling eduction system (which is to say no new funding either) his budget aims to slash away at spending by reforming the pension, welfare and corrections systems, while promising to shrink government by eliminating departments and services with an eye towards some privatization.

You can browse through Scott's budget bill for yourself below, but The Sarasota Herald-Tribune has rounded up some of the highlights:
--Cuts taxes by over $2 billion
--Reduces state spending by $5 billion
--Reduces biz tax from 5.5 to 3 percent
--Cuts property taxes by $1.4 billion
--Jobs - $800 million over two years for economic development
--Pension reform - saves taxpayers $2.8 billion over two years
--Medicaid reform - saves $4 billion over two years by creating "patient-directed" system
--Corrections - save $600 million through "innovating management" of juvenile offenders
--Education - no cuts
Streamlining Government
-- Save $660 million by renegotiating contracts.
--Save $120 million over two years by consolidating, reorganizing, privatizing.
--Save $150 million over two years by eliminating programs not part of government's "core mission."
Rick Scott's 2011 budget bill
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If this budget had been presented in a synagogue or a mosque, the public outcry would be huge. That is why matters of the state should be kept in the buildings that our tax dollars have already paid for. Scott also wants to privatize our educational system. Our public education system is part of what has made the US what it is today. Our health care system is private, and we have millions of Americans (I think its up to 40) go without health care, a basic human right. Can you imagine a day when we take our children to the door of a school and they are turned away because the family can't afford it? Privatization does have its place, but not when its denies the citizens of what we need for our society to function.


I live in Eustis, Florida ... site of the speech. I'm somewhat embarrassed. I'm sorry, Florida. This is going to be a bad stretch for the next for years.


"Four" years and I quite frankly was not sold on Scott, but this budgets got my attention in a positive way.


First off, what exactly is separation of church and state?

Second: cutting property taxes, is one of THE most vital steps Florida has needed since 2007

Third: Privatization, is a GOOD thing. Major city after major city have seen much demise due to micro managing, (Cleveland being a prime example) less regulation and spending, equals more prosperity and profit (yes, profit is a good thing)


Privatization doesn't equal efficeincy or better services. In fact, privatization is rife in the third world and look at how they're doing. It's a model that lends itself very easily to corruption yet you idiot conservatives welcome it with open arms. Fools, the lot of you.


third world countries are doing the way they are because of government picking winners and losers. Kind of like what this administration, and the Bush Administration have done. Government can not micro manage society, it simply cant.

and I would appreciate not using any name calling, I havent offended anyone, I expect the same.


My property taxes have gone down the last two years. They are going to go down even more?


Property tax bills have seen decreases due to declines in home prices, the tax RATE, has risen

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