Back-Alley Dentist Angel Nolasco Arrested After Bloody Tooth Disaster

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Adilenia Martinez worried that something was wrong when her mouth wouldn't stop bleeding after a dental operation. When her husband pushed the dentist, Angel Nolasco, for a receipt in case she needed follow-up work, he uttered the words that haunt the nightmares of so many dental-phobes: Well, I'm not exactly a real dentist.

Police have arrested the faux-dentist and charged him with running an unlicensed clinic.

Martinez, a 26-year-old from Little Havana, went to Nolasco's clinic at NW 7th and 25th Avenue for a dental operation.

Nolasco had a "fully operational clinic" in his building and gave Martinez prescription medication after the surgery. But the patient felt weak and her mouth wouldn't stop bleeding after the procedure, police say, so her husband demanded a receipt from the dentist.

That's when Nolasco admitted that he didn't have a dental license. (Though he did claim to be licensed in Cuba and Venezuela.)

Martinez was rushed to Jackson Memorial, where she's in stable condition, says Kenia Reyes, a spokeswoman for the Miami PD.

Nolasco, who is 76 years old, faces three felonies for his back-alley dentistry operation, according to court records.

Here's the gruesome police report:

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Emmy Summers
Emmy Summers

I hope nobody gets scared of the dentist just because of these reports though. I mean, these things happen! Con-men are disguising themselves as drivers, businessmen, doctors, faith healers, etc; just so they can scam people. There's definitely no need to get paranoid and suspect your dentist.


this is bullshit!!! i love the way you people from the media strecth shit to make it sound super exciting!!


totally agree with you - like that one time when reporters around the world exaggerated the nuke thing in Japan.

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