Bags of Human Body Parts Possibly Found in Biscayne Bay

Categories: Crime
Following a bizarre string of body parts washing up on the shores of South Florida late last year, a man may have discovered yet another bag of body parts floating in Biscayne Bay. A bicyclist on Brickell Key spotted two grocery bags floating near shore, and at first thought they were drugs. When he fished them he out he believes he actually found chunks of a human body.

NBC Miami reports that officials have not confirmed the findings, but the man who found them doesn't think they belong to anything else but a human.

"Not seeing any feathers or wings, I thought it might be that of a human being," he told the station. "I had seen what turned out to be three belly rings on the lower area."

The bags were found yesterday afternoon.

The discovery comes just months after several body parts, all believed to belong to one man, Warren Danzig, washed up all across South Florida.

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bags wash up everyday by mercy hospital filled with dead animals. No one looks in them because they assume dead chickens and goats are inside--- one day it could could be a body. It is really a health hazard. I tried to pull the bags out for a while, but the smell of rotting animal flesh is just too much. There is not distinction between bags of animal sacrifices, and that of foul play. The city knows about it, but does nothing.


"Possibly" found? Or Possible Human Body parts? They were either found or not found, correct? Whereas we could understand where they might possibly be human remains, or possibly not.


Bummer. somebody been watching too much dexter?

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