Busch Gardens' Baby Cheetah is So Cute We Literally May Have Died

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We have to drop our cold, cynical Riptide front for a second, because Busch Gardens' new baby cheetah is literally one of the most adorable things we've ever seen. The 4-week-old, so-far nameless cheetah cub was born at Jacksonville Zoo, but his mother refused to feed him. So he was transferred to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay to be raised by hand, and will eventually join the park's other cheetahs. He's like Florida's answer to Knut the polar bear (but hopefully with a happier ending). Video and pictures below.

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Animal Lover ♥
Animal Lover ♥

You should name 'em Adiv. Adiv is the Hebrew name for Polite, Gentle and courteous. ♥

Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson

This is very cute. I have always loved animal babies and this cub is so adorable. I would like mentioning a quote here about animals here:"Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms."Visit quoteocean.com for more.

April Day
April Day

I wonder why animal mothers sometimes reject their babies. Knut's mother rejected him. Now the baby cheetah's mother refuses to feed him. Does it have something to do with living in a zoo?


You "literally" don't know the meaning of "literally" do you?

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