Videos of LeBron James and Pat Riley Dancing Badly

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Don't expect anyone connected with the Miami Heat to show up on Dancing With the Stars anytime soon. If LeBron James and Pat Riley are any indication, it seems that the dancing in American Airlines Arena should best be left to the official Heat dancers. James's moves maybe aren't the worst, but Riley's are exactly what you'd expect from a 66-year-old white guy. 

Here's video of Riley doing his shuffle at the Miami Heat Family Festival this past weekend. He starts busting moves toward the side of the stage at the 1:38 mark, but he really begins breaking it down around 2:10.
Oh, that's rough, but honestly they're not the worst for a man who is dressed in head-to-toe beige.

James's moves are slightly better, but he can't even keep in step with a bunch of ladies (one of whom seems to be dressed as Sarah Palin). For some reason, The Ellen Show decided to film James taking a dance fitness class at Equinox gym. To be fair, he did show better dance abilities during his SNL gig.

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I was at the Miami Heat Family Festival and LeBron and Udonis were KILLING IT with DangerFlow on stage..... What a memorable moment!


The Heat deserve the entertainers of the year award for south Florida. Regardless of what happens in the playoffs, the Heat have brought a bit of joy to our area that has not been seen in a long time. This year I read about so may bad, sad and horrible things in the news papers, including this one. I saw stories on television that tore at my heartstrings. I lost friends to death. I suffered illness and there was much more to cry about. But, through it all, there was God above and the Heat to provide a little bit of earthly comfort. For God, I'll be eternally gratemful and for the Heat, I am happy and will love them regardless how far they go in the playoffs. Mr. Riley, you and the Heat have made life some kind of wonderful these past several months. If I don't live much longer, I'll be satisfied having been able to witness this history. I say that with all sincertity, realizing that a friend was found on his tolliet seat last Saturday. He was right around my age. So, while I'm here I'm extending flowers.

This is the Heatman361

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