Life-Size Statue of Tim Tebow Being Erected at UF

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Tim Tebow made his last play for the Florida Gators just a year and some months ago, but the Gainesville faithful miss him so. So much that they're already erecting a life sized statue of their chosen one on campus. That must be some sort of record between the time a student athlete graduated and when he was forever immortalized on campus.

Of course Bronze Tebow won't stand alone. The school will also erect statues of their two other Heisman winners, Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel (Anyone remember him? Anyone?), beside him. The football idols, which weigh 17,000 lbs combined will stand at the west side of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium near the skybox entrance.

The statues will make their debut during half time of the annual Orange and Blue spring game on April 9th, and Tebow hopes to return for the unveiling.

The statues were paid for through private donations and sculpted by Sandy Proctor. No word on whether or not Tebow's trademark Bible verse eye black will be included.

Of course, if you want to see statues of former college football stars closer to home, you can travel to the University of Miami's Coral Gables campus where statues of their Heisman winners, Gino Torretta and Vinny Testaverde, stand tall. Oh wait, those don't exist? Does Miami at least have statues of every National Championship winning coach like Alabama? Oh none of those either? Anything major on campus commemorating the football team's success? None, what so ever. Oh, OK.

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God Bless Tim Tebow...
God Bless Tim Tebow...

Tim Tebow, whether you like it or not, is the greatest quarterback to ever don the University of Florida football jersey. That's a simple fact... Some people out there don't like the fact that Tim's parents are world missionaries who spread the word of God. They raised Tim to be a respectful, responsible and dedicated U.S. citizen who excels with God given talent at a game most Americans love. It's refreshing in this day and age that there are young adults in our country who espouse values such as Tim's, it's a damn shame there's not more like him. God bless you, Tim and thank you so much for your blood, sweat and tears over the years in The Swamp...!!


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I'm not sure what facebook stalking proves?


The author put a nice south Florida spin on the actual facts of the upcoming event in Gainesville. I agree with the first post, stalking or not! =)Stick to happenings down there in Miami-Dade, Mr Munzenreider. Nobody north of Alligator Alley cares what a former U of Miami student has to say about, well, anything. I, for one, tripped upon this online rag looking for U of Florida stories. I feel dumber for reading this tripe now.


We lookin fo you.... we gon find you...... we gon find you.... now run an tell dat, run an tell dat, run an tell dat.

You are so dumb, you are really dumb. Fo real.

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