Marlins President David Samson 'Tops Off' Last Piece of New Stadium's Retractable Roof

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photo by Tim Elfrink
David Samson talks after signing the last piece of the Marlins Stadium roof.
Wielding a thick black marker, Marlins President David Samson flourished his signature onto a gray steel beam. Moments later, a massive crane hoisted the girder high above the new Marlins stadium and guided it into place as the last link in the new retractable roof.

Voters may not be enthralled by the deal to buy a new ballpark (just ask Carlos Alvarez), but the complex is rising quickly -- and on time and on budget, Samson stressed -- above Little Havana. "This is a milestone moment," Samson said.

Inside the ballpark, the infield is still a muddy mass of rocks and cement mixers, but the structural shape of the stadium is nearly finished.

Already, 10,000 dark blue seats have been installed, and wraparound electronic signs are in place, along with elevators and escalators.

Huge black boards mark the spots where scoreboards will hang.

And the retractable roof should be ready to test by October or November, says Claude Delorme, the team's executive vice president of ballpark development.

"Those structures you see up there will part to either side to reveal a huge, 240-foot view of downtown Miami," he says. "At night, it's really something spectacular to see."

Here's a quick video we shot of the stadium as it looks today:

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Crime Pays
Crime Pays

The little midget David Samson got the taxpayers to pay $3.5 BILLION while the Marlins only pay some legal fees and plane tickets. Crime does pay.

$20 mil Southhampton House
$20 mil Southhampton House

Marlins Canadian owner Jeffrey Loria just bought a $20 mil beach house for himself using the money diverted from Miami-Dade County taxpayers. The location he choose for his $20 Mil beach house? Southhampton, New York.

$3.5 Billion plus
$3.5 Billion plus

David Samson, George Alvarez, George Burgess and Manny Diaz were the chief cheerleaders of the scam to get the taxpayers to pay $3.5 Billion for a "baseball stadium". Oh, the taxpayers get nothing in return except the opportunity to pay $$$ for tickets and parking.

Marlins owner benefits
Marlins owner benefits

Commissioners were idiots to give away over $3.5 Billion in tax dollars to pay interest on the bonds to benefit one foreign based company.

Marlins Canadian owner recently paid $20 mil for a new beach house. In New York.

60 years of debt service
60 years of debt service

David Samson is the midget who convinced Carlos Alvarez and a majority of the brain dead Commissioners to divert over $3.5 Billion from the taxpayers to pay costs and debt service on the Marlins Stadium. Oh, by the way, the Marlins keep 100% of all revenues.

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