Miami-Dade College School Of Justice Dean Somewhat Addresses Richard Moss Controversies

Richard Moss got a memo telling him to stop it.
Eleven days ago, we reported on Richard Moss, the director of the Miami-Dade College police academy with some very bad marks on his resume, including a demotion from captain to commander for insubordination when he was with the Broward County Sherriff's Office. Since taking the helm of the basic training program in January 2010, Moss has been accused of condoning the hazing of cadets, using bullets paid by students and the college for personal target practice, and insulting a female school employee.

Last week, Moss's boss and School of Justice Director Hector Garcia sent out a memo to all employees that somewhat addressed two of the allegations without specifically describing the incidents.

We reported on a hazing incident that occurred sometime this past December. Cadets from an incoming class were forced to run up and down the bleachers of Traz Powell Stadium while they were pelted with water balloons and sprayed with water guns.

On March 23, Garcia informed school of justice instructors, including Moss, of the college's policy that "profanity, personal humiliation, ridicule, or abusive treatment of any kind are counter-productive and have no place in our training program." Garcia also wrote that "unnecessary stress or harassment is not part of the lesson plan" and "sets a poor example for the professional recruit officer."
Staff Memorandum 032211

Former and current instructors interviewed by New Times also complained that Moss and another college employee went to the Medley gun range one day this past October to shoot their guns using bullets paid for by students and the college.

On March 24, Garcia wrote to Moss and the instructors to let them know "School of Justice personnel are prohibited from personally utilizing the Medley Police Regional Firearms Range for any non-recruit/instructional activities when the college has contracted time" at the range.

Garcia added that "Shool of Justice staff and personnel are prohibited from utilizing any equipment and/or consumable resources that are designated for any student instructional School of Justice programs."
Medley Range Memorandum 03242011_distributed

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these cadets are training to become police officers not school teachers. what do they think they signed up for, YOGA...If they cant handle some water ballon's then they are in the wrong line of work, wait till bullets are flying by there heads...


Aww, the poor babies had to actually do some PT. Lets go cry b\c we had to do some exercise and can't handle a joke. Gimme a break! This new generation of recruits are whining, crying, babies who cannot handle themselves in the academy b\c it isn't being handed to them. Cry me a river...


Not only did the Dean somewhat address Moss, she fired him on May 26th, 2011. See you deuchebag! Now it time to throw out the trash you left behind.


This guy is a scum bag! I am sure that those above him at Miami Dade College are not only well aware of everything he is doing but they condone it!


you must be a tree hugging hippie...welcome to the real world

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