Real Housewives' Lea Black: Sarah Palin is a Circus Sideshow

You might not know it from the freak show that is Bravo's Real Housewives of Miami, but star Lea Black is a pretty prominent figure in Florida's Democratic party fund-raising machine. Along with her attorney husband Roy Black, she held the very first fund-raiser for then-candidate Barack Obama in Florida. So it's no surprise she's no Sarah Palin fan. She called the Tea Party queen a "sideshow act that everyone likes to laugh at."

Black kicked off the fighting words in a politically charged post on The Huffington Post: "Speaking of former Governor Palin, I have some friendly advice, from one reality star to another: Save the 'domestic' drama for your reality show!"

She then followed up the attack with an interview with E!:
"Sarah Palin is the sideshow in the circus that everyone wants to watch, but that most people don't take seriously," Black told us when we chatted with her earlier today. "The Republican Party has become a circus and she's the sideshow act that everyone likes to laugh at, not with."
She does realize though the Real Housewives are at the center ring of the Bravo circus. And, sure, there's a few exceptions, but most of the time audiences are laughing at, not with.

Though, we at least think Black sort of gets that, and judging from the rest of her piece of HuffPo, she seems to have a better understanding of basic policy and reasoning than Palin.

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I am an Alaskan and she is even a JOKE here. Without doubt, she is the most stupid, self seeking idiot on the political scene. She never allows an interview because she knows she can't answer a question intelligently.


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Lea's a Slut...
Lea's a Slut...

Talk about a dim-bulb bimbo, Lea looks like some slut who broke out of South Florida State Hospital! Real Housewives is the worst reality show on TV, nobody wants to hear all those snivelling bitches claw at each other. They're like cheap whores, you don't want to go near them...!

J'Ermagesty Dillingham
J'Ermagesty Dillingham

she'll be very entertaining in Israel & India.

she must have wanted to stay with countries that start with "I" because it's her favorite subject ( I ) and it will make it easier to remember.

I wonder if she can even find those countries on a map.

Where's Toad been? Is he going too?

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