Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Speak in Liberty City

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Rev. Jeremiah Wright became a household name during the media circus that was the 2008 presidential election. Barack Obama's former pastor became known for a few cherry picked anti-American seeming sentiments in some of his sermons and resigned form his post at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago in early 2008. Wright is still around and well respected in some circles, and he'll be speaking this Sunday in Liberty City.

Per The Herald, Rev. R. Joaquin Willis of the the Church of the Open Door, Congregational, United Church of Christ has invited Wright to be the featured speaker at the church's Annual Amistad Sunday. Wright will speak at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at the Church, located at 6001 NW Eighth Ave. in Liberty City.

The Obama family regularly attended Trinity, then considered a model African-American mega congregation, while living in Chicago. Wright become a household name after ABC News pored through hours of his sermons and picked out some comments in which Wright claimed the 9/11 attacks were proof that "America's chickens are coming home to roost" and "...not God Bless America. God damn America."

Obama denounced the words, and cut his ties with both the church and the pastor.

In 2009, Wright claimed that "them Jews" were keeping him from speaking with the President. Wright apologized for the remarks.

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Frankly, I like Mr. Wright much more than russellpearce, joearpia, and the neonazis in AZ.

Chicken's in da' Coop...
Chicken's in da' Coop...

Anyone who respects an outright racist like this so-called preacher man, is just as racist as he is...! Send this Chicago carpetbagger outa' town on the first available jackass, we don't want no racial pot stirrin' down South, don't need 'em, no sir...!!!


"Church of the Open Door, Congregational, United Church of Christ"


So, you are just as racist as Jeremiah, do you also hate our country like he does...? The only neo nazis in Arizona are the liberal leftists who go around shooting up people(and a Congresswoman) at shopping malls! Sarah Palin had nothing to do with that mess. The only reason that local sheriff made that statement(about Palin) at the 1st press conference, was because the sheriff's dept had already had previous "encounters,"(look it up!) including one the morning of the shooting with that leftist kook. The sheriff was covering his ass for liability reasons, he's a no good liar who should be replaced(stick to the facts!) Joe Arpia is only trying to save his county from being swallowed up by the illegal immigration swarming in from Mexico. He's a local hero to many because he's going against the political correctness that's so pervasive with the left. Don't follow the sheeple, you have the internet, look up information and make a decision for yourself...

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