Things Natacha Seijas Said on the Recall Trail

natacha seijas and her pink pig.jpg
Natacha Seijas is one week closer to her political reckoning, which means she will get only more viciously cantankerous than ever. Since the second attempt to recall her in four years kicked off, the county commissioner representing Hialeah and Miami Lakes has been on a rampage, threatening colleagues, snarling at reporters, and bullying the folks seeking her removal from office. We've been tracking her every step of the way, documenting her poisonous quotes whenever she's had to address the subject of her recall. If you live in her district and have not yet voted, we'll let her own words motivate you to cast your ballot to kick her ass out.

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No Seijas fan
No Seijas fan

Thanks Frank. You know more about her recalls than anyone because you put in the time on her first one. So glad you resurrected that great green witch. Maybe this time she will go.

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