Udonis Haslem Returns to Practice, Might Play Again Soon

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Fan favorite, Miami Heat co-captain, and only actual local boy on the team, Udonis Haslem has returned to practice after tearing a ligament in his foot this past November. ESPN reports Haslem took part in shooting drills during team practice yesterday and that a return to competition before the end of the season is in the works. However, even Haslem says he probably won't be back at 100 percent until next year.

"I want to be at 80 to 85 percent," Haslem told ESPN about a possible return. "One hundred percent? I probably won't be 100 percent until summertime or somewhere close to next season."

Haslem, who has more NBA championship rings than Chris Bosh and LeBron James combined, has missed 54 games so far after he fell and tore a ligament during the November 20 game against the Memphis Grizzlies. He has since undergone foot surgery and has been on a study program to recovery that includes "weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, and light shooting repetition."

Besides the obvious big three, Haslem was among the more reliable players on the team, and his absence is often pointed out whenever the Heat struggles. Though, for the last three games at least, the Heat seems to be doing well wit out him. Haslem also told ESPN he's mindful of possibly messing up any existing on-court chemistry on the team.

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Coconut Grove Native...
Coconut Grove Native...

All season long, I've been saying, "Where's Udonis, we need 'em right now!" Can't wait until his return, looking forward to it...


"Haslem also told ESPN he's mindful of possibly messing up any existing on-court chemistry on the team."

He is smarter than Patrick Ewing who screwed up the Knicks last chance at a championship. But this act of sportsmanship is no surprise from Haslem.


James Jones is also a local guy. Otherwise, glad Haslem is coming back.

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