Video: Crowd Goes Nuts Outside Oversold Swedish House Mafia Show

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The online uproar over a clash between Miami Beach cops and Swedish House Mafia fans all started when thousands of ticket-holders were denied entrance to the group's show. Tensions skyrocketed as at least two thousand people who'd paid stood in the sun for hours, until they eventually stormed the place.

We've posted a half dozen videos of the police clashes that followed, but no one had uploaded footage of the crowd's bum-rush toward the theater -- until now.

The video, posted late Tuesday by a user named headcircus, shows a crowd getting increasingly pissed at being shut out of the show.

"Stampede!" yells one fan, half joking.

"If we all push, we're getting the fuck in," says another woman, clearly not kidding at all.

"Let us in! Let us in!" the entire crowd starts chanting.

After the crowd breaks up, the cameraman films some of the same fights that erupted as police arrested Sara Greenback, a 25-year-old woman. Other fans reacted with outrage after a cop body-slammed Greenback to the sand.

Debate is still raging online over whether police were justified in how they dealt with the crowd, but this video's author, at least, lays blame all around.

"Combine angry fans ... with hours standing in the sun, with alcohol (and whatever else) ... police that showed up an hour too late and the fire marshal that shut the entrance down ... (that's) why things went out of control," he says.

"The police reaction to angry fans was brutal and unnecessary," he says, even if "some people deserve it."

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Typical Miami tourist town Rip Off. Rabid cops and beating all included in the con.


This latest video only confirms my lack of sympathy for those that got roughed up only because I am from the hood who has experienced police officers get way much more aggressive than this when it comes to a crowd where the majority of the people are non white. If this would have been memorial weekend, every cop in the video would have had guns drawn on everyone, riot gear and etc. The majority of officers in this video are standing around calmly and only going after idiot aggressors who think they are invincible all of a sudden.


The big difference between Ultra Music weekend and Urban beach weekend is that the people of Ultra did not settle their differences with guns. Urban beach weekend always involves at least one, if not more, incident with a gun. This is the only difference I see in the 2 events.

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