You Can Now Buy Mike Haridopolos's Crappy Book for $9.99 on Your Kindle

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So this past weekend, the Associated Press published a story about some crappy book Florida Senate president and likely U.S. Senate candidate Mike Haridopolos received $152,000 in taxpayer money from Brevard Community College to write. Besides being of questionable quality, only one copy of the book existed. Well, like magic, Brevard Community College has decided to put it up for sale in Kindle format on
Titled Florida Legislative History and Processes, the book appears to have little to do with the Florida Legislature's history or various processes. It mainly contains Haridopolos's insights into running for office and a misspelling of Terri Schiavo's name. The product description puts it a little more nicely:
A unique overview of modern Florida politics described by author Mike Haridopolos, who has served Florida as a lawmaker for more than a decade. The author provides a personal perspective and guidance on running for elected office, including the importance of establishing and maintaining political principles, how to handle opponents, and strategies with the media. The book also details the legislative process in Florida, from individual members to committees to chambers, and documents how bills become laws through this complex system. The book also provides insights into the history of Florida, the Florida Constitution and modern Florida government.

Mike Haridopolos, a Republican who lives in Merritt Island, Florida, was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2000, where he served for three years. In 2003, he was elected to the Florida Senate, and in late 2010 he was elected and sworn in as Florida Senate President by his fellow senators.

This very important piece of (now outdated) political wisdom can be yours for only $9.99. At that rate, the school needs to sell only a little more than 15,215 copies to make its money back.

So far, the book is the 45,340 best-selling paid book in Amazon's Kindle store.

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i feel that any press is good press. while the slant of this piece is negative, the fact that i even heard about this book is disappointing.

especially when you consider all the books that are written for free, published by small presses, and sell barely any copies. i know someone who has written 6 complete novels and last year he made 2,000 dollars off his writing. he got paid nothing to write any of these.

places like 'riptide' should help these kind of writers.

even this guy named herocious. he makes his own books by hand and sells them in print and on the kindle. austin nights is his first one. 'riptide' should do a story on him. hey, he's from miami beach.


Maybe an article about a crappy piece of writing shouldn't mistakenly use the word "incites"... just sayin'


Oh boy! I can hardly wait to read Haridopolos' thrilling life story, just as soon as I finish reading "Florida Electrical and Septic Tank Specifications for Mobile Homes.".

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