Alex Penelas Wants To Finish His Job Of Ruining Miami-Dade

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Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness once made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke -- who is a candidate to replace more-boring-than-bread-pudding ex-Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez -- explains why a rerun for former Mayor Alex Penelas would be no good.

Just when you thought the old days were over, they're back. The establishment's favorite Cuban-American politician, Alex Penelas, told the Miami Herald last week: "I'm thinking about [running for mayor] because I see a community at a crossroads." But in case you have forgotten what Penelas left behind for county taxpayers, let me remind you.

He was among those who originated the idea of a baseball stadium for the Marlins. He started the mess we are in now. He got the ball rolling after tricking voters into approving a basketball arena on Biscayne Bay for Micky Arison.

Penelas, elected in 1996 as the first "executive" mayor, was the guy who let all the lobbyists get rich under his watch. His buddies, including lawyer Chris Korge and lobbyist Rodney Barreto, became multimillionaires after getting pieces of county contracts. Some of Penelas's other stellar accomplishments include selecting unproven and inexperienced ex-Homestead Mayor Steve Shiver as county manager and trying to rid Miami-Dade of its first African-American aviation director, Angela Gittens.

Then there's Penelas's unwavering loyalty to the Democratic Party. Not! He publicly refused to help the Clinton administration when it was trying to return Cuban rafter boy Elián González to his father on the island. And he wasted millions in taxpayer money by suing the federal government over Clinton's decision to kill the commercial airport at Homestead Air Force Base. As if that weren't enough, Penelas screwed Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election by disappearing at key moments.

Since he was soundly defeated in the 2004 U.S. Senate Democratic primary, Penelas has been trying his hand at lobbying. I guess he hasn't had much success working in the shadows. Now the special interests need someone else to parade in the African-American community because Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina can't cut it. After all, Penelas is the king of buying off black campaign strategists.

But this special election is about people power. I'm going to bring together every Cuban, Nicaraguan, Colombian, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Haitian, Jew, Gator, Hurricane, Golden Panther, Seminole, and Rattler in Miami-Dade County. And we are going to take our community back.

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Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

As if you thought Miami-Dade county couldn't get any worse... this just happened. It wouldn't surprise me if Penelas got elected mayor of Miami-Dade county since there are so many morons living there. Face it Luke, Miami-Dade county is hopeless. Its one step forward and two steps backwards. You must not understand what a laughing stock Miami-Dade county is up here in Tallahassee. To the rest of the nation for that matter. I wouldn't want to live there ever again because the mess down there is too piled up. Good luck to LC.


How about the white guys, Luther? Doesn't everyone have a place at your big, broad table? And the Muslims? Even though you think that many of them are messed up radicals that strap bombs to themselves, don't you also want them represented in your tolerant and diverse kumbaya circle that you're going to nurture as mayor?

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Yes this was indeed a racially motivated attack by yet another bigot. You bigots are the same ones trolling on the Miami Herald comment section with your racist insults.

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Hey a$$hole, did not you not bother to read what LC wrote? He said he plans on bringing together EVERYONE including Cubans, Gators, Hurricanes, Golden Panthers and Rattlers. Something tells me here he meant everyone. Besides, most Cubans in Miami like to classify themselves as "white". Personally, I think your comment was a racially motivated attack. "Benrojas" sounds like a rafter name. Do yourself a favor and get back on that raft and leave Miami.

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